To PROTECT and SWERVE! Cop blows .39!!

Why I became JMA

They mention NOTHING –

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41 thoughts on “To PROTECT and SWERVE! Cop blows .39!!

  1. Corruption and Multiple ♏️urders in South East Ohio

    The LAW in South East Ohio can have anyone ♏️urdered by their Confidential Informants or Snitches

    This is not an Assumption
    This is FACT

    Corruption and Multiple ♏️urders in Kentucky and West Virginia also

  2. Poor twat didn't even realise you had to be high up in the force or a council leader or even married to one too get away with DUI. Young and stupid…..

  3. I can't find a good cop due to immunity. After awhile all the cops become dirty or get pushed out by the bad cops in gangs. Remember they can kill beat and kidnap you for with impunity. Many are KKK most are bad racist thugs.

  4. Watching this video makes me nauseous and want to 🤮.
    Thanks for the video James. I'm up to date with all your videos, keep up the good work.

  5. I love how caring those officers are. It makes me wanna drink and drive in their town.
    The officer touching evidence did it so it gets suppressed, that's why he told the other officer so he tells the evidence is been tampered.

  6. A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. Sickening. Laws for thee not for me. It would have taken less than 5 minutes for any citizen to be cuffed and placed in back of cruiser. Vehicle impounded and taken to be processed (thousands of dollars later and DUE PROCESS I hope) but the black and white writing of the law can't be smudged to Grey just because he is part of the blue club… as far as the discovery of the can I'm hoping a prosecutor would do the same he would for John q citizen, try to prove it was in plain site but probably not. Wink wink nudge nudge. Why are they not being more physical like they would with others isn't that "training".. It also seems that the questions being asked aren't aimed at building a case like common police investigations for all else except those that know the special handshake. Jesus…actions=consequences how many times have we all heard that from adolescence thru adulthood. Mad angry upset I need a dictionary ugh

  7. What pisses a lot of people off is the courtesy given to a cop in uniform armed with gun,taser, and what ever else he had on him and they treat him as though he was a victim. Excuse me I can almost understand that cops have a shitty job and probably feel like they may need a drink once in a while. But to arm yourself and get in a cop car and go out to arrest people for DUI or anything else you have to be prosecuted and held accountable. And not just let him retire and go home. He wasn’t even a cop off duty and in his own car coming home from a celebration where he had a glass too many and was pulled over.

  8. OK, I'm like 47 seconds in and you said this guy is 25 yrs old and he has been a cop for 6 yrs. I can't wait…
    Jesus, I should have waited! Smfh

  9. operating a vehicle …operate means work commercially.. vehicle is a commercial automobile all defined in federal law … go read it 49 CFR § 390.5T

  10. I'm not sure if the alcohol in the car will be suppressed because that is not his private car. It is publicly owned and his expectation of privacy in that vehicle may not be the same.

  11. Gotta love the special treatment this cop gets. If that was a normal citizen u can guarantee they wldnt be this worried & kind. Truly makes me sick how biased they are to the blue line gang.

  12. keep in mind it was well almost an hour and a half from the time he was pulled over, that is some time to sober up a little bit so he was much higher than that when we was driving.

  13. You hear how he tried to give him an excuse since he knows it’s being recorded. is everything ok with you and your gf? Yes? Oh, then it must be the job because this is such a stressful job. So stressful that if we kill someone we get a vacation and if they do fire us after, instead of looking for something less stressful we will look for another police job elsewhere because we need and crave that authority. Is that the problem????

  14. Search cant be unlawful. Inspections of police vehicles can be done at any time! Its not his PERSONAL vehicle its state property. Just like a DOT boss can search his drivers trucks any time he wants.

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