Tiburon Police Officer and Chief resigned due to this incident Was it justified? Lets talk about it!

Want to support? – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr36b7c1t0Tz0fDnpf7tHow/join Tiburon police Chief Michael Cronin announced his retirement Tuesday as the community continued to reel over a controversial confrontation between police and a Black-owned business owner in town.

In this instances, when 3 people are in a store and the lights are on, the officer should be gathering as much evidence as possible before rushing in. He may see them attempt to break a cash register. At this point it could be a rogue employee that can justify his reason for being there to the owner, but now they interrupted any potential to gather evidence.

The town should have keyholder information when a business starts up. The owner is clearly defensive for some reason and it’s unsure why. This video may encourage police officers to not check on businesses. Most business that get broken into have glass broken or doors pried open.

@00:00 Start
@00:04 Radio Traffic
@00:40 First Contact
@01:00 first point of argument
@04:50 supervisor arrived
@06:40 supervisor becomes upset
@09:50 another citizen yelled its his store

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29 thoughts on “Tiburon Police Officer and Chief resigned due to this incident Was it justified? Lets talk about it!

  1. It is very evident that it is because they are black.
    Who the hell do these officers think they are?
    Hell, they should all be FIRED and publicly shamed.
    A white man tells them “it’s his store” and they immediately walk away. THE EPITOME OF RACISM!

  2. In this posting one of the cops makes a big thing about community? Perhaps if the cops introduced themselves to the community ,shop owners, and the like, there would be less of this type of "misunderstanding "

  3. I dont know about this one. On one hand I feel for the owner, its his business, he knows it and probably has had bad history with police. On the other hand if police walk away and it was some kind of break in, he would (i would think) be furious at the cops for not checking into it more. The fact that the key in the door made them go away as opposed to ID, checking for warrants bla bla bla. I think this went ok..? But im just me with an opinion

  4. Just police officers feeling entitled and making it up as they go. I was law enforcement and thankfully changed careers. They should have looked outside for any signs of forced entry if they suspected it, looked inside (through windows without entering) and seen if there were any signs of distress. If no on both counts then you roll on and no need to make contact at all. As a matter of fact in most places if these people would have been intruders the property owner would have to have been contacted to file a complaint for arrest. The police could have detained them under suspicion until that time had they have found any of the previously mentioned “suspicious evidence”. Not all police officers are bad. Just seems like the bad ones are the ones that make the news lol.

  5. When the white guy from across the street screamed out "that's his store" then the officers believed the black store owner (he didn't even have to put his key in the door anymore)!

  6. It's amazing to me how the skill of verbal communication is so underrated as a police officer. I watch the video twice just to make sure the offer never identified himself by name and was not yet engaging in terms of his approach. In my lifetime starting off by introducing yourself by name usually set the tone for a positive interaction. Also at the beginning of the video listen to the store owner use the keys to open the door. This interaction should have been an opportunity for store owner who wants to protect his business to engage with an officer who wants to do his job.

  7. I would of just closed the door. Do you see any crimes being commited you idiot cops. Shut the door and if they break in or come in and touch you, boom lawsuit!

  8. 911"whats the nature of your emergency"
    owner"i got two pigs outside,send another 2 pigs to get them out before i shoot them" thats what the conversation should have been

  9. Saw this day after it occurred, delighted to see that the agitators resigned! Completely unprofessional. Reading the comments it's all been said.
    Thx for the update JMA

  10. Wonder if that was a white man that yelled it was his store? Sure, take the word of a white stranger over a black business owner.

  11. This is atrocious law enforcement. He should sue the hell out of that department and, if possible, each person. I wish he would closed the door and ignored them. They would have done something worse, I'm sure. I'm pro-police but not pro-stupid police. Some cops have such ignorance of how the law works and about people's rights.

  12. The guy that said it’s his store was actually robbing the jewelry store next door 🤣🤣🤣 jk

  13. What do you mean justified? They resigned. This is a prime example of distrust of the police that police themselves have created.

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