29 thoughts on “This Traffic Stop Ended His Career At This Department

  1. I am just disgusted that this POS low life filth bag was able to resign and probably go to another department to abuse American citizens again!!! You can tell he is a rapist by the way he keeps blaming her because she made the right decision by going to a place that this POS couldn't get away with killing her….which he wanted to do by the way he pulls a gun and yells at her that ' any move will be the last one you make tonight"!!!

  2. you can try to get to a safe place to pull over but they'll still lie and say you were evading that's if they don't kill you first stop trusting police law enforcement they know they're not legally bound by law to protect anybody

  3. "Your done talking" that's the precived athority that he thibks hes above free speech an can dictate when people can talk…..what… This dude is delusional.

  4. Honestly it should be a law that people can drive to a safer, well lit area when being pulled over at night, especially if there's children in the car…

  5. This cop is the embodiment of what's wrong with policing. He was so worked up because a citizen didn't immediately screech to a halt on the side of a busy dark road. Basic common sense and deductive reasoning is lost on cops. This cop should not only be fired but stripped of the possibility of ever holding an LEO position again. His attitude is atrocious. He's barely a human. He deserves a good old fashioned ass whoopin to boot.

  6. Cop may be bit paranoid for not stopping but it still does not justify his behavior. Thank god she pulled over into a well-lit area because it probably saved her life.

  7. Racist policing tactics. Most keep voting for it. Not voting is the same as a vote for it. Imagine the looks on their faces when we fire all incumbents in 6 months. Up to you.

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