42 thoughts on “This is DISGUSTING! Leon Valley is one of the MOST TYRANNICAL Government agencies in Texas!

  1. Omg that is so offensive. I shouldn’t be surprised that this police department, which has been highlighted in several videos, plasters their desecrated version of our flag on their vehicles.

  2. Are they as bad as NY? Anyone who defaces the America flag in a public service job should be told they will be charged and sentenced with treason and then maybe it will stop. If they correct their mistake all will be forgiven. Hang that flag at you house not in public service job.

  3. This should be removed immediately as, they are our vehicles not theirs, they have no right to disrespect our flag. Or are family and friends who died protecting it.

  4. Sorry to inform you, they did not desecrate an American flag to place that thin blue line flag on their cars. The only used the pattern of the American flag to design their own flag. Even though it's offensive to some it's not a desecration of the flag. It's why you can have paper plates, cups, t-shirts, and even Speedo style swim briefs hugging your twig and berries in the American flag pattern and not be desecrating the flag. Now if they used a real flag, a red, white, and blue one and took a blue sharpie to it to color a blue line on it you'd have a point.

  5. Therse are clear domestic threats. Arrest all of these communist traitors under 18.282. Who is the treasonous prosecutor covering for these domestic terrorists?

  6. This “effing” blue line is a desecration of the flag that I served. I wore the boots, I gave the US Government a blank check, up to and including my life. This “effing” blue line needs to be brought before SCOTUS and abolished!

  7. This should be illegal on any goverment vehicle, uniforms, objects, & in & on buildings. My son & other family members down the line fought for our red, white,& blue flag. To see that ugly blue line flag is like spitting on my family's sacrifice they made for the USA.😡

  8. Executive branch employees are banned from engaging in 0olitics while on the job. Nor do they have free speech rights while acting in their official capacity. Therefore the US Flag code applies to all executive branch functions.

  9. A cop pull me over when I was 16 . Thank god my best friend mom is a lawyer . When I told her what happened to me she started crying, and got me lawyer that sued the that department. I got a good amount of money for being called a niggER . The sad thing about it is the cop is black+ A white female cop walked up to me with a taser while I was handcuffed pointed at my chest , and said I wonder what will happen if this goes off . you know how it is 1 squad car turned into 6 Accusing me things I didn’t do breaking into a house when I was just dropping my mom off at work. I really thought my life was over . If I can go back. I wouldn’t want the money but them to all be fired. But I was a kid .

  10. As a veteran it disgusts me when I see people defacing my flag. I believe in the First Amendment but that does not mean I have to like it or associate with anyone who disrespects the red white and blue.

  11. And PROOF that filming the cops does little to stop their excesses……. Leon Valley was the hotspot of auditors for years, but just look, as soon as our backs are turned…………..

  12. These flags are a blatant insult to the American flag and its people IMO. It's saying that they are a Sovereign nation into themselves.
    And it is not America.
    These flags have got to go. AND all of these cops that's tatted like gang members have got to be required that they not be visible while in uniform.
    Both of these, the blue flags and their gang membership tats have got to go. Remove these flags and cover those tats on your arms and neck. And we don't care if it's hot outside. COVER them up! The public, your employees, have every right to decide on your dress codes.
    And STOP addressing members of the public as Bro, Bruh, home, buddy, etc. You will address every one of us by name or by Sir or Mam.
    We have to rein in their gangster behaviors.

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