36 thoughts on “THIS election SUSPENDS the constitution!

  1. Ok, Karen. It has been this way for decades. And you are just now hearing about it? You are not special. The law applies to everyone. I am surprised you didn't call for a manager.

  2. I believe that law they were referring to only applies to signage trying to sway votes. So they were basically just trying to suppress his 1st Amendment rights, while violating the oath they took, disgracing themselves, their families and the land we all live in.

  3. It pains me to see that election "officials" are so ignorant… At the start even an average citizen as me would know what the solicitation restriction is about.
    I don't like the idea of early election. Too much time for fraud to occur.

  4. I've been hoping someone would pick up same as Jeff. Glad to see it's you. Jeff gets taken in, and you not so much, so just sayn' what you already know for the herd.

  5. I think that this work is terrifically signigicant. It's interesting that traditional police suiting has attracted detractors who call you activists "frauditors". They believe that what you do is sll about making money from heated snd largely unjustified confrontations with heroic men and women who protect us from anarchy. To be fair some police do tremendously difficult work and serve justice. They attend horrific scenes and develop a very jaded mentality. But this work highlights another facet of oppression from what we have previously seen. That of peer pressure. The huge swaithe of people who back up tyranny for a short term adrenaline rush of power that when multiplied by millions removes freedom wholesale. The group that Jeff has exposed recently that has disappointed me even more than the Police is church goers. So I support this activity very much and wish you well with it. I think you have the temperament for it too. Plus the irony of them treating you as a criminal in this way considering your background is amusing from a long time viewer and supporters position. I do miss you and George working together though. Your banter was often a treat.

  6. The mentality aka, stupidity of government employees who think just by repeating their misunderstanding of the law makes them right in what they are saying…EVEN after you explain the law to them makes my brain explode.

  7. Funny how society is driven towards tyranny by well meaning conformist. They oppress other citizens on behalf of the establishment. You can see how things can degenerate. So these perfectly nice men felt the need to criminalise a fellow citizen. Sad. Very very sad. Well done gentlemen.

  8. This is what is called a time and manner restriction of free speech. As long as they enforce it for everyone no matter the sign, it is completely legal.

  9. Jeff and his old friend have highlighted this issue, but with photography over many years, they’re no wiser at these polling stations.

  10. Idiots talking about rules and laws they don’t even know
    They seem to forget they work FOR the people , not AGAINST the people

  11. I'm not so fond of the sound of her voice as much as she is
    God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason
    god bless all the home'less & jma & jeff

  12. She didn't even hear you saying, "please don't make a false report to the police."
    All she heard was, please don't….. Police.

  13. So funny when you mention the first amendment the guys like, "I agree, but not here." 🤣😂
    "Now I gotta teach you a lesson boy."
    Lady- see down there, there's a sign.
    "I have a sign right here."

  14. Treason carries 5 years to a death sentence penalty for each charge, are you sure you want those charges terrorist traitors?
    Breach of your sworn oath and duty, is TREASON.
    Deprivation of rights under the color of law and conspiracy to deprive rights under the color of law ALSO carries up to a death sentence, as does making terrorist treasonous threats.
    You can add aggravated extortion to THEIR many felonies…..
    Multiple sworn servants making terrorist threats and committing treason…..

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