Texas Cop Goes Crazy, A Week Later They Arrest The Victim For Filing A Complaint On Him

Harvey Freebird

Manuel Mata

River Oaks Police Department
4900 River Oaks Blvd, River Oaks, TX 76114
(817) 626-1991 https://g.co/kgs/s75vW8

Manuel Matta and Harvey FreeBird were recording a River Oaks Texas PD traffic stop when one of the officers who seems to be off his medication pushed Manuel because he said his car was unlocked so Manuel couldn’t be that close to it. Manuel spent a week trying to file a complaint over the phone, but staff kept refusing to take is complaint and hanging up on him, so he went to the police department in person to file the complaint. After asking for the complaint form, officer Meza came out and arrested him.

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Author: rafael.nieves


41 thoughts on “Texas Cop Goes Crazy, A Week Later They Arrest The Victim For Filing A Complaint On Him

  1. You can’t put a warrant on someone cause they filmed you …….Um what precinct is that 😏 1st amendment folks, it’s what you took an oath to uphold😧. Hope they get dysentery, won’t that be fun😆

  2. I've been telling everybody the whole time; DEFUND THE POLICE ! We don't need police. Cut off 3/4 of The Police Force across America. !
    Many Police Officers are under a false illusion, they think once they put on a badge, they think the whole world bows down to them.
    While I'm not an attorney, yet I have learned a few things about law.
    DEFUND THE POLICE ! We don't need them !
    Why are police officers doing traffic stops ?
    Traffic stops are not crimes. Police officers are paid to chase and arrest criminals, not harass innocent Citizens.
    Police officers are not to be doing traffic stops at all.
    You don't go to jail for traffic stops.
    Broken brake lights, expired car tags, failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign, tinted windows, loud exhaust pipes, no seat belt, talking on the phone with no earpiece while driving. Speeding up to 25 mph above the posted speed limit. None of these are crimes. You don't go to jail for these. These are silly things police officers stop you for; and the are a violation of The Constitution as well.
    The Constitution clearly says;
    You have The Right to travel freely on State and City highways and streets without being molested by government officials, unless you've committed a crime.
    Yet, none of these are crime.
    Which brings up another topic. This also means, every check point out there, they're all violations of The Constitution as well.
    You can't just stop people to check to see do they have a valid driver's license ? Or to ask; have you been drinking ?
    This is also a violation of The Constitution. If you have not committed a crime. It is illegal to stop you.
    They say; the Supreme Court has rule it's ok to set up check points. First, I don't believe this to be true. But even if it is true. It's not valid.
    No Judge, No Supreme Court, No President, No Law Maker, no congressman, no senator, no governor. No one has the Power or Authority to make a law or pass a law that violates The Constitution.
    Every police officer out there who does not identify themselves upon request from The Public is instantly terminated.
    If a police officer points to his name tag and says; it's right there, you're instantly terminated.
    You must state your name and badge number loud and clear. Failure to do so is INSTANT TERMINATION !

  3. Mr.Freeman your 💯 he’s in similar spot 🤙🏼. I understand laws are different state to state (local/state laws) but I’ll fight a COCK SUCKING BOOTLICKER over some something you safe and they disagree lol there fucked LMMFAO…..

  4. Amazing how some humans have magical voodoo powers to physically assault other humans that there disagree with .
    Who's a good lil politician's be itchy piggy ,let's hear an oink ee for daddy Polly .

  5. Amen brother , there should be a lot more people 👍 this up , also this is were a real man teaching other boy you don't fuk with the people but that won't happen because everyone has bow down to them instead of fighting for the life because I could beat the last time you see the light after they hang of you.

  6. Not surprised, revenue agents are actually gods in those cities so if u ever fail to revere one, the people who serve and worship them will stop at nothing to punish that "offense". Gotta remember to respect the idols of the sodomites.

  7. What do you do?

    The police are a standing army with the full support of bootlicking brainwashed imbecels that back their every move. So, again; what do you do?

    First step: abolish government education.

  8. We need to start detaining and arresting these officers ourselves. We should not tolerate shit like this, period.

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