41 thoughts on “Story time with sheriff Judd – ranting about qualified immunity and reform

  1. I just can’t watch his dribbling. I am completely shocked that a cop thinks that we should keep qualified immunity. I would’ve never believed that. And of course is miss characterization of it as well

  2. Police Officers need to be required to purchase malpractice insurance just like Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, and so many more. Then their Qualified Immunity should be dropped/scrapped. When an insurance company won’t insure a bad cop, then that cop will be unable to perform his/her duties, then the bad ones will be weeded out.

  3. Cop are unethical and unprofessional when think they know the law violating citizens rights. And should be sued personally for doing so period no questions asked.

  4. But the ones who wrong it is often fatal so qualified immunity must go. Then add new training and retraining every year just truck drivers, cosmetologist and lawyers who must keep with the laws. And remember they had attend school for 8 to 10 years then past a bar exam and still don't know all the laws.

  5. I believe that a big part of poor policing is the communication breakdown between dispacthers and units on duty.
    This leads to cops arresting tje wong people for the wrong things then trying to cover it up exacerbating these problems.
    None of them, dispacthers or cops get enough or proper training, and have become an us/them culture.
    They are being tought to fear the public to the point of having hair triggers.
    Many are abusing steriods and they should all be drug tested by an independent lab.
    Qualified immunity is criminal in nature. What other jobs is there no accountability. You mesd one time in the military and your entire career is ruined and it follows you into civilian life. Not civil service employees, they get to job hop and retain pensions and benefits. And the worst rise to the top because with the politically correct quota hires its easier in civil service to promote an inept lazy employee out of your department than to fire them. So this is how our government gets worse and worse. Its depressing and disgusting. And its all part of a long term plan.

  6. This Sheriff thinks he's knows more than legislatures. His county is one of those worst in the country in criminal activities. Go figure! I bet any objective investigation will unearth dead roaches in his department. I bet he isn't that great as he portrays himself. Fix your s8 hole county!

  7. The police solve 2% of violent crimes. Regardless of how training is done it will stop a bad cop. Get the cop off the shooting range and teach them the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments. Nothing you can train can not stop stupid.

  8. Anyone can make a mistake or not have been provided the continual training necessary to keep abreast of new legislation.
    This is what QI is for and not to protect thugs, or low IQ tyrants.

  9. No one is complaining cops don't know the law/rules. It's the bad cops that play by their own rules when they know they can get away with it. Turning off their cameras or audio! One bad apple DOES spoil the whole bunch. Too many bad copy spoils the whole force and the reputation of all cops. Cops should be labelled : Bullies in Blue. NOT Boys in Blue

  10. Wasn’t sure if I should like or dislike the video 😂🤣😂🤣 (you got the like though). Not surprising this is being sent out if real change is being threatened upon them.

  11. THANKYOU for creating this video to effectively demonstrate where the problem in Policing lies….Not with Congress, Not with Citizens exercising their rights and Not with Media reporting bad cops…it lies with YOU! This is the blind leadership exhibited by the current structure of Leadership within Policing….BEST LINE EVER….." …the vast majority of Police are good Police !" What Planet are you actually from?

  12. Sorry Grady, I like what you do generally. But if a cop is doing it right then there is no need for immunity. Kinda like cops say we'll if your don't have warrants there is no reason you shouldn't give me your ID. Law enforcement can and do lie everyday! It has been breed into all officers. Lie to get what you THINK you need. Law enforcement should be held to a higher standard than the people they police. But we see more and more cops enforce feeling not law, they bend the rules to get people to do what they want. And when they are caught doing wrong they want the sympathy they would NEVER give to Joe public. And most I see are out to generate dollars to feed the machine. Sorry sir! Law enforcement needs to be just like us when it comes to obeying the law. Most speed down the road we'll above the limit just because they have that cute car. They park on sidewalks, handicap spots, fire lanes just so they can run in the store. We would get a ticket! This thin blue line must go! It is just like any other gang. Gangs stick together, so does the thin blue line. Gangs will watch one of their on do wrong and not say a word and even support them. So does the thin blue line. Gangs will ALWAYS blame others. So does the thin blue line!!!

  13. This minor power is handed to anyone who shows up, there are no actual standards of qualification, any swinging dick or marginalized female can be a cop. I guess no one is paying enough attention to this in order to understand that the police employ the most broken people among us no matter their ethnicity. Ask yourself, why would you seek employment that allows you to laud over others unless you have issues yourself? I am what could be considered a tough guy, always have been however, I am not a bully I would never fuck with anyone just because unless they came for me. Real men are not satisfied by false authority that a costume and a gang can offer.

  14. Sorry the police cannot be reformed they need to be reimagined! America is a gun culture however, arming individuals based solely on so called training that does not impact their actual duties is a waste of time and has proven to be deadly for citizens of this nation of every ethnicity. The Police do not prevent crime nor are they charged with protecting the masses. A police officer has no duty to protect the public it has been mandated by the supreme Court!

  15. YouTube is awash with videos of corrupt cops. I f they cant behave like public servants get rid of them. If cop gets fired he should NOT be able to work anywhere as a cop.

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