20 thoughts on “Spotsylvania sheriff explains officers actions and 9-1-1 call officer of Involved a shooting

  1. Unless you're in a life threatening situation. Don't call the police. He threatened to kill his brother. And said he didn't have a gun . Which statement was the truth ? Anyway you go you're wrong and you're right. Please stop putting these people in that position. Because this is what you get. It's a shame. Be safe and take care of your family.

  2. The fault of this is with the public and the media. Easy access to the government to come help you with a problem they are not designed to deal with and the media telling you for years it will be ok as long as you ask the government for help.

  3. It doesn't matter if you have no gun or you're not resisting or defending yourself from a Beating even if a 100 people see no gun see no resisting and see the cop beating the man all the cop has to do is what Yell Stop Resisting a few times then Drop the gun a few times then shoot em Dead then every witness will say he had a gun he resisted even video showing no evidence of what cops says or witnesses say everybody will call the Cop a Hero then the cops have to Fabricate even more Lies to cover their asses but only now are we starting to see the odd cop Charge but still not to the full force of the law like any regular citizen .

  4. I’d like to see the transcript of the dispatch to those officers to see what the dispatcher was telling them, if she had said that he stated he didn’t have a gun and was walking down the road. From the actions of the officer that fired on him after yelling he had a gun to his own head (why a cop would shoot someone holding a gun to their own head is beyond comprehension by itself), it doesn’t sound like the officer got the message. It especially sounded like the officer didn’t care about snuffing out a black man simply due to the fact that he shot the man after yelling he had a gun to HIS OWN FUCKING HEAD! A gun that in fact turned out to be a fucking house phone! The dispatcher and officer both need to be held responsible for this outcome and I hope it haunts that dispatcher for the rest of her miserable life!

  5. I guess there needs to be a minimum of a forty hour course in the police academy titled “Guns VS. Phones….what they’re used for and how to tell the difference between them”.
    Phones are usually flat/rectangular shaped objects that one holds up to their ear so that the user can have a conversation with someone that’s talking to them via another phone. Guns, in particular pistols, are typically “L” shaped objects and are considered a weapon and are not used to communicate with another person via a cellular or wired connection.
    So what is it? Are cops really this stupid? Are they this scared? Are they littered scared of their own shadow? Are they this trigger happy? Something’s not right with policemen these days. Something has to give. This man was murdered….plain and simple.

  6. Yet another vacation with pay, when will killing people for there ignorance going to stop, another victim of a phone

  7. Why did the 911 operator not inform the cops that he had no gun? Also, why do idiot cops insist on screaming at people they have just shot to "show me your hands!!" andor "get on the ground!!"? How the hell is the man supposed to care about his hands after just being shot, and in all probability, is already lying on the damn ground as a result of being shot multiple times? I swear to God, cops have to be some of the dumbest people on the planet.

  8. Was he armed?… no, the remarks you made that by shooting him SEVEN times he saved his life, what horse shit, not to mention he turned off his body camera.

  9. We must cleanse ourselves in the blood of the tyrant. Let us make film it for all to enjoy! Let the streets flow rivers of red

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