1. I joke about my wildly successful youtube channel πŸ™‚ I'd like to go out and film but too much to lose if no one is watching my back. See you soon, Johnny? Lol nice thing to do, I give thanks on behalf of the actual auditors!

  2. Nice one, Johnny!
    Who on Earth is orchestrating all this nonsense that YT is running on people these days? Or are they just in fear of future regulation and lawsuits?

  3. Thanks to the new YouTube 1k subscriber rule, I can't live stream! I am a solo auditor, so live streaming was my only protection. If anybody can help me get my sub count over 1k, that would be great. Not trying to be the biggest channel, or get 50k or anything crazy. Just want to be able to go live for my safety. Thanks!

  4. Hello everyone, I've been around for a while and had to take some time off, but I'm back now. I could use some subscribers. I'm probably the only watcher in Southern New Mexico. We got a lot of cop lovers who don't care if these police abuse peoples rights. I've got a bit over 300 subs but could use any help I can get. I appreciate anyone that helps. Thanks.

  5. that moro bay….uhhhhhhhh that fnnn town just steamssss me..Reminds me of Rancho Palos verdes, palos verdes CA when those rogue surfers threatened out of towners visiting

  6. Hey brother…hope all is well.
    For me, if people come, they come πŸ™‚ aloha and mahalo for always supporting me, I will always do the same. I will make sure i sub her channel

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