29 thoughts on “Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command SPAWAR Navy

  1. They have lots to say when they want to know what you are doing. But once you ask them questions, they clam up pretty quick and there was a hell of a lot of shoulder shrugging going on.

  2. This is up there with Clay Lacy, LAPD Devonshire and Veterans Affairs as absolute gold audits! Couldn’t script these people better if you wanted to. Awesome work

  3. "WHITE areas" are the most terrific areas in the nation. As long as the white people aren't STUPID LIBERALS WHO HATE THEMSELVES AS MUCH AS THEY HATE THE UNITED STATES AND/OR CONSTITUTION

  4. I have been on the phone all this week with lawyers, I want to start doing this in the "free" Canada, our "freedom" is a FARCE! I know this too well, and have barely looked into it…I have a feeling we disagree In many ways, yet agree on what's most important…LIBERTY/FREEDOM.

  5. This stuff never gets old, your off the cuff comments and quick witted remakrs always seem to make me smile, when Im feeling down I just come here for medicine

  6. Why is the citizens that work for these bases need to feel just important as the people who serve the country , I worked for two bases which I could no longer deal with?? Because they thought they were better them in uninform, only if those people knew what really thought??

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