27 thoughts on ““ Slang name for a policeman ? “

  1. An army full of pig nut cops took forty minutes to go in a school with one shooter. Letting nineteen kids and two adults die.
    Those same pig nut cops will be given awards and five minutes on TV for arresting and beating a man for videotaping lawfully in a public place.
    real heroes in action. really.
    Yet, I'm frowned upon because I smile and rejoice and feel a sense of relief every time a pig nut cops dies.

  2. School shootings are insignificant compared to America's evil policing atrocities that war heavily against its-own peaceful citizens! (Like extorting candy from school children!)
    POLICE having Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest 👹gift to the dirty police 💩👮who have factually destroyed more innocent lives than all school shootings combined!
    POLICE need to be LICENSED (Not certified) and carry their own "LIABILITY INSURANCE" saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from valid lawsuits against the police, which thus far, cities and towns have been forced to pay on behalf of non-caring and non-accountable bad police officers who care nothing about society or others!
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

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