48 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Second Screw Up In A Week

  1. You should get a lawyer and take this cop to court and sue the hell out of him and the department for assault!!! He's a piece of shit just like the rest of the cops!!! WE NEED to stand together and take what ever means is necessary to protect ourselves!!!

  2. You notice how the police park right in the middle of the street they create dangerous conditions intentionally but the biggest concern is the camera

  3. BS public relations stunt pretending that they are concerned for citizens and if they have a relationship with the community when they really don’t

  4. I'm surprised I'm just now (04/03/21), 2 years later, seeing this! Was this suppressed for that long because it involved Law Enforcement? Guys like this should never have been hired, NEVER!!!

  5. And you're not alone. I'm not sad when they die either. I used to be. But after watching what they do to people. Not anymore. They get what they deserve.

  6. Why the fuck do you just not move when Napoleon complexed thug touches you? Just stand your ground, if he pushes you over then he has a much bigger problem.

  7. COLUMBUS V HOLMES USSC 152NE 2d 308 1958 Every person has the right to RESIST ILLEGAL ARREST and use such Force as necessary!!!

  8. He really loses a lot of my respect in how he talks to cops. I realize it makes it easier to provoke ego responses which better "outs" the cops' natures. But crude over the top taunting & verbal cruelty diminishes you, not them.

  9. Holy shit. He could be a live actor for a great film. Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down. Hell I'd pay into a crowd fund for that.

  10. What a joke. All was pleasant until moron feel uncomfortable and cop takes morons side. This is a disgrace. And the cop in the end: Not gonna happen and walks away. Way to make cops look bad. Grats on beeing thugs.

  11. Just saying, the fat tyrant hiding behind that badge, I moat likely would have defended myself and detained him till his supervisor showed up. That tyrant broke a few laws and his own code

  12. i get it , but its over quit bitching , and you have no self defense so quit acting like you could do something . but keep on filming you are good at it . all the complaining makes your videos sound bad , and takes away from the cops mishandling situations.

  13. Police officer fail , causeing the hate and disconnect, they just don’t care about the first amendment bring them to account,stay safe retired lifeboatmen uk

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