Should I do this? I need everyone’s opinion? Do a training class with police?

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Officers, safety is paramount when working Here I recommend the following:

1. Turn your brightness down
2. Use the night mode on the PC
3. Consult with yout training team about keeping a window down to hear whats going on around you if attention is taken away like this.
4. if someone is filming they’re usually curious or protecting the citizen you’re with, don’t be alarmed at a camera.

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


32 thoughts on “Should I do this? I need everyone’s opinion? Do a training class with police?

  1. It would depend. If you are truly doing this from an activist standpoint and for the good of the community- absolutely. If making cops look bad is the objective- no. As a member of Law Enforcement who has never had any training on this—I would very much welcome it.

  2. Of course you try to bait them… why else would you take videos of their license plates while they are unloading or loading their personal vehicles, like at DBPD. To say you’re not trying to get a rise is inaccurate. Your account wouldn’t have anywhere near as many watchers or subscribers if that wasn’t the case. Sure, what’s legal is legal and you’re allowed to do what you’re doing. Not sure why the agency would ever want you to come back as though you’re an authority on 1st amendment audits. You’re attempting to get a negative reaction and you would have had the same reaction if someone was taking videos of your personal car while loading your stuff in it to go home after work. Imagine being in the back parking lot and having some dude sit there and record you next to your license plate “Just because you can”. Or prancing down to the river with your AR on you just because it fits a FL statute. You absolutely wouldn’t do that, or film it, if you weren’t trying to get a reaction.

    A lot of cops to on ego trips and want to feel bad ass and/or tough… this is you doing to the same thing but just in a different way.

  3. They do not care what you think. Unless they will be paid to sit and made to do it . Their minds are trained to do what they do and only a drastic liability change will stop them

  4. I suggested that to ROGUE NATION over a year ago. You guys should get paid for your knowledge and the time you’ve put in on the streets.

  5. It's an excellent idea. Breakdown in communication number one, failure to communicate. Do police ever critique an incident? Firefighters do. How we learn , praise for the right action. Criticized poor performance? Highlight the good, point out the bad, expose the ugly. Thank you James

  6. Not sure how I missed this a month ago. Yeah, I think it would do some good to train these LEO's in your area. You are the guy to do it for sure, with your experience as LE. I wonder if you will just be hitting your head against the wall, however. Bad cops are always going to be bad no matter what they are taught. The one's on the fence, like newbies, maybe. Good cops are going to learn and continue to do a better job because of your training. I'd sure make them pay you a fair wage for this instruction and time you take to prepare and preset. Good idea for some of them but not all.

  7. I also think you could do a 1st hand point of view presentation to city councils and managers. Their the ones who have to cut the checks.

  8. Being an American and also black I say don’t do it. I don’t know how u didn’t get infected by the blue line but good on you. I love the constitution but what Americans don’t understand is that u should treat everyone the way u wish to b treated, Karen’s of the world. Everywhere u encounter cops it’s a police state and they step to u like they just found bin laden. And if u know your rights and they don’t know the infraction, they think, bc I’m telling you is law. The history of cops is bad especially during civil rights which kind of proves my point, they were born to ignore your rights. And b4 video, they got away w it. I bet one million percent if u were a cop and u saw me w a fire arm on my hip, my permit to carry printed on my bullet proof vest, u would never approach me. I have to conceal and as history as already proven, a black anyone w a gun gets shot! F the police, they’re not military. There supposed to protect and serve the community. Tell the truth bc I had cop friends, dicks. Is it really that crazy out there? I understand a cop can fall in the line of duty, but that’s the job. Do u think I believe the FBI gets shot at every week like some tv show. We all get to work without meeting tony Montana or Hans gruber, or Jason for that matter? How hard is it to police the public? We should start over. We should fire them all and hire straight out of the military. And instead of holding a gun, help the homeless, help someone cross the street, give directions to interesting places to visit and be a part of your community. It sucks that the public needs to call the police! If police were a part of the community really, then we would all know a cop we could call instead of some idiot answering the phone whom the public doesn’t know. I’m no one special but I know a lawyer and she’s way better than knowing a cop. C ya, love your work. Don’t waste time on jerks. If cops can’t communicate w the public, then they can’t b taught.

  9. Yes, anything you can teach them to bridge the gap would be helpful. Ego's should be checked at the door, policies should be followed and compassion/empathy towards a fellow human being should be honored.

  10. Hello James. Some police departments may have what is called brown bag lunches where they have informal guest speakers, they may last 60min. with various speakers. Asked them to add you to the agenda and list of guest speakers, hey may have a form to check your material. Let them know you are presenting 1AA that have gone wrong for 10 min. How the department can save 1/3 revenue avoiding sending so many units to educate folks about the 1A (Use only 3 of your best videos) and to improve officers knowledge of the 1A with a 20min, Q&A. THe goal again is to show them how much money they will save on 911 calls to their department. One of the videos I recommend to use is the one you went to court house and the judge was videotaping you, vthe officer was pushing you, while ignoring the wedding the judge was supposed to take care.

  11. It’s a great idea! I would emphasize, the end goal (to some degree) is to put 1st amendment auditors out of work because the police are so well informed on the law.
    Definitely a good idea👍👍

  12. JMA (and his other channels) set the high standard for everyone out there. He is a cunning professional, that uses respect and intelligence as his weapons. Not baiting, agitation and insults. Plus, he actually knows the laws.

  13. Don't do it, it's a trap! They will only learn to use what you teach them against us! Don't forget these are tyrants, they are not doing this stuff on accident. They know the laws they just don't think the law pertains to them.

  14. Do it anyway via video if possible and it would go viral and seen by millions instead of I dept.
    Just a thought from a long time viewer, new sub

  15. Bad idea. They either want to pick your brain to help them, or they want to try to get you to go over to the dark side—which probably wouldn't take too much effort on their part.

  16. The only way you can make any difference is to remove the brainwashing ideology they received from that Mossad agent David Grossman in his "Bullet Proof Warrior" coarse, that all of them were subject to.

  17. As a police officer, I want you to know you are one of my favorites. Take advantage of every opportunity to educate someone! By the way, it is such a false narrative for LEO’s to say someone is baiting them. As an enforcer, you are either abiding by the Constitution and precedent or you are not. There is no trap fellow officers! You are righteous or you are not.

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