Sheriffs deputy shoots unarmed man on the phone with 9-1-1 dispatchers!

A Spotsylvania sheriffs deputy is on administrative leave for shooting unarmed man with a phone to his ear on the phone with dispatchers.

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32 thoughts on “Sheriffs deputy shoots unarmed man on the phone with 9-1-1 dispatchers!

  1. So the cop says he has a gun to his head, which in cop bizarro land requires that you be killed. Then after you're dead you better drop the gun which is really a cell phone and show your hands to the pussy who just killed you. Cop belongs in prison.

  2. Isn’t that sweet after the cop shoots an innocent man unarmed on the phone with 911 is credited with saving his life isn’t that a hoot. I just realized I fucked up so now I want to save your life. That officer is a tyrant, and a killer. Needs to be removed from the streets so the American people can be safe from your team blue bullshit

  3. Pretty severe sentence for calling 911. Dispatch probably delayed telling the cop the guy was on the phone with him just to experience what gunshots sound like entering a body close to a phone. Freaked out, immature, trigger happy cop entertaining dispatch in the candy store. Tee Hee, their just citizens! We have more.

  4. The inability to tell the difference between a cellphone near the head and a loaded gun before shooting another human is unacceptable.

  5. How ironic, the chief commends the cop who shot an unarmed man with saving the man's life who he just shot! REALLY! Just how F-ucked up is that chief's thinking!!!!!!

  6. Somehow I doubt the Sheriff would think I was a hero is I shot one of his deputies by mistake and tried to give him first aid. AlsoI would like to know the comms between the deputy and 911 operator.

  7. Who doesn't get on their phone when they get pulled over??? I know I do, some people record.

    I get on my phone to call for legal advice. I'm handicapped will they shoot me?

    They're now trying to scare people to not have anything in their hands so they don't record. That's the politics they're using, you got to be hands-free when you're pulled over you can't record if this happens.

    Tricky move but it won't work, we have freedom of the press it's in our constitution they are screwed.

    This is no different than the animated cartoon version of hunting on South Park, "IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!"

  8. Hold on, this is hilarious. The cops says the man has a gun to his head so to save the guy's life he shoots him 7 times.

    It's nice the officer started performing life saving measures, whatever those are, instead of doing the easy thing like planting a gun and calling it a good shoot.

  9. There was an argument over a gun while they were on the phone. The man was told to put his hands up. He refused. Dispatch told the man to put his hands up. He was told to stop approaching the officer. He refused. This was unfortunate but a legal shoot.

  10. Blind officer try being a 100% positive before you draw n pull that trigger otherwise you will live with that for the rest of your life

  11. NEVER call the police unless you want men (and women) with guns to show up and possibly shoot you or someone you care about. In this case a man show shot for having a black colored phone. I have to wonder if the 911 call center had told him to "stay on the line, help is on it's way." He was walking towards the person they sent to help him, talking to the people who sent them.

    if you all a neighbor instead, or even a stranger, the chances of this happening are much less.

  12. The cop is so calm(talking to dispatch)in between screaming and yelling at the poor guy with a PHONE to his head, not a gun. A cellphone and talking to 911. Why didn’t this officer know from dispatch that a man was outside talking to them? Dispatch should have known this and then the cop would have known this. Why did this officer say “ he’s got a gun to his head “ (meaning the man’s head not the cops) and then proceeded shoot him 6-7 times? We know it was a cellphone but even if it was a gun, it was supposedly at the man’s head, not pointed at the cop. I don’t understand why he shot him so quickly then?

  13. Wait, what? This cop shoots a man multiple times while screaming many different confusing commands at him when he only had a cellphone at his ear/head and is on the phone with 911. Why didn't the cop know this important information? Why didn't the cop know from dispatch that this man was outside waiting for them? And his boss, who has to put him on administrative leave because he shot a person, standard procedure with pay of course. This officer is then praised, praised for saving a mans life that he tried his best to take away. He tried to kill him and didn't succeed so plan B I guess? Save his life and get" Congratulations!" from his boss and hey take a nice paid vacation too. Next week we'll have cake and a party! Oh wow! 😱

  14. Puts 5 bullets into someone then screams "show me your hands" – You got to be a special kind of stupid to be in the police force in the USA. smh.

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