Sheriff K9 hits so fast on car with contraband in it | police body camera

Want to support? – From the VCSO: On Friday at a tire shop in DeBary, deputies with the Deltona Crime Suppression Team contacted Eric Menefee (DOB 11/3/1988 of Deltona), who was wanted on an open Seminole County warrant for domestic violence battery and false imprisonment.
After a K-9 sniff of the vehicle, a search revealed:
2 clear plastic bags containing crack cocaine and fentanyl under the driver’s seat (about 35 g)
3 clear plastic bags containing crack cocaine and fentanyl in the center console (about 29 g)
1 clear plastic bag containing a mixture of cocaine and fentanyl in a pouch behind the driver’s seat (3.5 g)
1 clear plastic bag containing pure fentanyl in the same pouch (14 g)
A Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun w/ 8 rounds under the driver’s seat
A Glock .40 caliber handgun w/ 15 rounds between the driver’s seat and center console
Digital scale
$3,502 cash
Menefee was charged with trafficking in fentanyl, trafficking in cocaine, possession of a weapon/ammunition by a convicted felon (4 counts) and possession of drug paraphernalia.
A passenger who obstructed deputies during the K-9 sniff, Ronald Scott (DOB 2/8/1984 of Sanford), was also arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence.
A criminal history check for Menefee indicated 50 prior felony charges with 8 felony convictions. The passenger, Scott, had 29 prior felony charges and 7 felony convictions, to include violent felonies and crimes involving a firearm.
Menefee remained in custody Monday at the Volusia County Branch Jail, with no bond allowed on his charges of battery, domestic battery, burglary with assault or battery and tampering with a witness. He had $500 bond each on additional counts of battery and cyber stalking, and $235,500 bond on his new drug and weapons charges. Scott posted $1,000 bond and was released Friday evening.

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00:10 Hit on contraband
00:30 Dog back in car
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34 thoughts on “Sheriff K9 hits so fast on car with contraband in it | police body camera

  1. They use Alsatian's and other allrounder type dogs because they're calm and intelligent enough to recognise subtle and sneaky commands to sit whether there's drugs involved or not, if they used a spaniel for instance (although an intelligent dog) you'd see the difference in behaviour when its searching and hits on drugs, basically its fixated on the sniffing out of contraband and nothing else, allrounders are trained in various other tasks and more adept to listen and react to commands while working

  2. My dogs have always been able to sit, and often play with toys I throw to them. I never realized I had been going through life surrounded by narcotics – how frightening. We all know they dogs are nothing more than a tool to get around the constitution, and that the handlers control exactly when they "alert". Yet another reason we must defund all our current LEO organizations so we can start over from scratch. It's the only non-violent way to start fixing our utterly broken criminal justice system.

  3. Police dogs are also wrong a lot of the time. The use of dogs to violate our constitutional rights needs to come to a screeching halt!!! POLICE REFORM NOW!!!!

  4. Guns and hard drugs is a combo that should get hard time. Dogs “Alert” wasn’t that clearly evident. I think there should be 3rd party testing of K-9 abilities. Too many false positives and the dog and officer need very close scrutiny. Each dog & handler plus results needs to be on a national database. Maybe not open to the public but definitely open to defense attorneys!

  5. Funny, seen no lawful authority for any prohibition since alcohol prohibition was repealed long ago.
    The drug war is treason, terrorism and armed robbery and has been from the second these traitors started it.

  6. Yeh, I still see plants as legal. Anybody who enforces plants violations isn't a True American…about 5/7ths of America is occupied by a foreign entity, who actually engages and uses America's nazified government like America's government has any influence or.power over Americans whatsoever. America's government wasn't designed to have any power over the people…it was made to be a small government that was led by WE THE PEOPLE. and all us who are true Americans see alot of.people. pretending to be authority's on American soil uses a corrupt and illegitimate legal system to carry out financial tyranny and a system of abuse torment torture and oppression the likes of which no other group of humans has to be subjected to on earth. And ze doctors in America aren't any doctor on earth you ever want to see. It's better to go to Mexico or south America for Healthcare, because America's doctors are all about the Benjamin's…and not about the health

  7. Keep a large container of red chill pepper in your car you get pull over . Distribute the chili pepper inside and outside of your car it will totally mess the dog's nose up and you can call b***** on the positive hit

  8. K9 Search are faults hits 2/3 of the time and you can't cross examine a dog its just a bullshit excuse to violate your rights . Leo's don't give a rats ass about your rights

  9. All dogs should be outlawed from this because there are extremely more false hits than actual ones. Its always a 95% chance they will hit on anything no matter what.

  10. This would lead me to believe any time they run the dog around the car twice and keep having to encourage it, it is a false alert.

    Any dog that false alert should be without as a dangerous animal, it could very easily get sometime killed. The officer handling it should be required to shoot it in front of his family.

  11. THIS is a trained dog?? I have 3 dogs. One is trained as a service dog(26 years old and high function with CP) for my daughter..most of the time he is a goofy soul but when he goes into a store with my little girl it all changes. He heels..he behaves and concentrates on his job. Part of his training is to nod his head yes..its really just a trick. I bend my fingers in a downward motion and his head goes up and down. Since there are NO records of how many times a drug dog gives a false positive I believe that exactly how "drug dogs" are trained(if you can call it trained). One motion from the handlers and he "hits". presto instant RAS to search…like magically

  12. They already knew about the drugs, the Dog just wanted to get his treat. Dogs are trained to find drugs but they soon learn on their own how to get a treat or please their master.

  13. Ok in this instance the dog was right.
    But think on it. If every time a dog gives an alert signal he gets praise, treats or affection. Then nothing if he doesn’t alert. But back to praise, treats, or affection for a false alert. What is the dog really signaling? That there’s drugs? Or is it more likely that the alert signal is just the dogs signal for ‘I want praise, treats, or affection’ and has nothing to do with drugs!

  14. This k9 never smell drugs… The sheriff just pretend to make it look like the k9 found drugs… The sheriff try to open the back door with any probable cause. Most like this evidence will be throwing out the window in court. If the suspect plays not guilty.
    The k9 never smell drugs the drugs found in the back seat it means the k9 supposed to be standing next to back door or scratching the back door… it means that was illegal search🤔

  15. The "War on Drugs" has completely corrupted cops. If you think you own your own body (as an adult), think again. The state owns you and tells you what you will and will not put in your body.

    Around here, the dogs are regularly used to deprive people of there right to be free from unlawful search and seizure. A dog cannot be questioned in a court of law as to why it acted the way it did ("alert"). A dog can be encouraged to "alert."

    Why is there fentanyl on the streets? Because it's a natural product of the black market. Black market drugs become worse quality and more lethal. It happened when alcohol was prohibited. Did they actually expect a different outcome with drug prohibition?

  16. What is alarming …roughly 80plus felony charges and only 10 felony convictions. That can only be a result of piss poor police work. Violations Galore..

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