Security Guard At Mental Hospital Acts Like Escaped Patient And Identifies As Cop

The Sheriffs Department that refused to charge Michael Tarrant for his crime
Richmond County Sheriff’s Office
400 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 821-1000

Michael Tarrant’s Employer
East Central Regional Hospital – Gracewood
100 Myrtle Boulevard, Gracewood Dr, North View, GA 30812
(706) 790-2011

Full Video At Georgia Tranparency

Second Camera Angle at Georgia Constitutional Media

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36 thoughts on “Security Guard At Mental Hospital Acts Like Escaped Patient And Identifies As Cop

  1. Big mistake the guy made was he kept backing up. Fuck that. Both should have been defending themselves. Security guards on a public street are just like anyone else… Defend yourself

  2. That tyrant should be glad I wasn't the one doing the filming, because I WOULD NOT have backed up one single inch, thereby causing the offending tyrant to invade my personal space by his own desire, and thereby steeping too close may cause them to physically touch me, and we all know what happens to a person to touches another without consent, being an illegal action, right?

    He was warned multiple time to stop invading the space of another and continued to do it, and as such, becoming a provocation in and of itself. So there's yet another issue without even touching the person with camera.

    Provocation, then assault ( if the tyrant did actually touch the camera person) are the two very clearly demonstrated actions of this tyrant and under the color of law no less!

    Why do people go to jail or prison?
    Because they were being ignorant concerning respecting rights of others.
    What do they want most (other than getting out) while in jail or prison?

    Respect the rights of others, or get put where others go who don't respect the rights of others, and then try to demand respect?
    That sure soundss like a vicious circle doesn't it?

    Respect goes both ways.
    Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    If you don't want it done to you, then don't do it to them!

  3. Mr Tarrant is effing idiot. Nobody will be arrested and Mr Tarrant is NOT a police officer. He is not on any payroll in the state of Georgia as a police officer. I pity da fool !!!!!

  4. They should file a complaint against the deputies that did nothing and also should complain to the local district attorney’s office and press charges against the security guard for battery and assault . Also that guard impersonated law enforcement. I’m pretty sure that’s a crime.

  5. Maybe this is a training facility for future LEO's? Maybe this guy was just following training protocol? This was part of an assimilation?The sheriff's didn't seem to have any problems. The women from the training camp new of the incident and wasn't too concerned? James you may have stumbled upon something. Good read my man.


    The Washington Post printed and it's a FACT that 880 people were Killed BY Law Enforcement in the last year and 700 plus the year before. Any and ALL law enforcement are LIARS, CHEATERS, and THEIVES. They are Taxpayer expense Trained, Taxpayer expense equipped, and I mean everything, Taxpayer Paid SERIAL MURDERERS, and the US Supreme Court has given them permission to Lie, cheat and steal from the Taxpayer. Ya'no what else, They KILL TAXPAYERS with Taxpayer expense BULLETS.

    I submit, the only way to get the cops back in line is to, at every chance possible, SUE THE HELL OUT OF THE TAXPAYER. THEY ARE DIRECTLY RESPONCIBLE FOR THE WAY THE COPS ACT. When the Taxpayers have paid out a few 100's of millions of dollars in Civil Rights Lawsuits they will take back the power they use to have by voting into office the correct Law Enforcement people. As long as the criminals are in charge, they will run roughshod over the people that pay their salaries. The cops must have higher IQ's than your common IDIOT which is exactly what they are. Average IQ for the avg. cop is 95-110. Average IQ for avg. Citizen is 108-120. Any Questions?

    There are NO GOOD COPS and here's why. If there was a good cop and he saw or was part of criminal activity within the dept and he didn't say or report what he saw or did then he is a BAD, DIRTY LOW DOWN POS COP. If he did/ does report that activity, then he will immediately be labeled a RAT BASTARD and there will be a TARGET on his back. The word will spread like a wild fire thru the dept. and the rogue cops will kill him and he will be a DEAD GOOD COP. You've seen it before but not very often. ALL the BAD COPS come to his Funeral and they make speeches about how good he was. The Same thing happens when a BAD COP gets killed for whatever reason. ALL the BAD COPS SHOW UP and it's a big party and a parade just to see a BAD COP get what he really deserves. DEATH. You must remember the thousands of people's lives these cops have ruined. Every single Taxpayer Paid employee is nothing more than a WELFARE RECIPIENT SUCKIN' ON THE TAXPAYERS DI(C)K.


  7. I'm gonna give this to ya. THE CREW

    OK folks here’s how ya do this 1st Amendment Audit thing as far as I can see it.

    Gather up 5 or 6 friends with BALLS and NO FEAR that want to have some fun and possibly end up with a bunch of money for your efforts. Then gather up some money to purchase 7 good quality video cameras, with telephoto and steady cam imagery, with night vision if possible, 4 cell phones, 2 body cameras, with extra batteries for all cameras, 3 wireless mics and 2 audio headsets, a couple tripods, 3 wireless microphones, a parabolic microphone for long distance audio recording and plenty of SD cards for plenty of recorded video memory and 4 Voice Activated radio communications headsets works great too. You can whisper to each other to better stay informed.

    Your “Crew” may or may not have any experience at “driving a camera”, that means operating a camera under many different situations with excellent resulting video. For instance: standing still, walking slow, walking fast, running, holding a camera at different elevations and aiming cameras at different things you can’t see and you understanding what the camera sees even though you are not looking at the view finder. You don’t have to look at the view finder, the camera will see what you aim it at. If you’re good you’ll even get the necessary Light, Frame and Focus in these actions and positions without even thinking about it because it comes naturally. You want the best recording possible so proper Lighting of the subject matter is Very Important, Framing of the subject or item of interest is also Very Important and Focus of the well-lit area of interest, at night under a street light is as good as you’re going to get and Framed subject matter is Most Important with as little camera shaking and movement as possible.

    The Crew should watch a bunch of videos of cop block, Audit the Audit, Bay Area Transparency, Direct D, and other 1st Amendment Auditors videos, there’s a bunch of’em and any other confrontations with the cops that others have shot and posted. Critique their videos and make the driving of your camera skills better than theirs. Always remember, even in tricky situations, LIGHT, FRAME and FOCUS. I’ll say it again, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP THE ACTION COVERED, DON’T LOOSE ATTENTION OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING. THE CAMERA, REMEMBER THE CAMERA. LIGHT, FRAME, FOCUS. You may miss a split second of video that turns out the be very important.

    This next step may take some time but it is the most valuable and most important issue. Driving the camera. That’s camera operation. Get the Crew together and go out and practice walking, forward and backward, over your shoulder of what’s behind you, running, holding the camera at different angles, over your shoulder shooting backwards as you walk forward, like from behind a wall or fence with the camera as the only thing above the wall as you are hidden behind the wall. The camera will be hard to see but you may be easy to see. After practicing a dozen times or more, Watch the Playback and hone your camera driving skills to the point you are good at it and your Playback meets a certain criterion. Remember Light, Frame, Focus. You Tube viewers will appreciate a good quality video of the IDIOT getting the shit kicked out of him by the cops.

    When you think you have it down pretty good and you think you’re ready, formulate a plan. Pick a location for an exercise. Draw straws, flip a coin or do what you have to do to get a volunteer from your Crew to be the, for lack of a better term, “IDIOT”. That person will be the guy or girl? to go into harm's way. 4 or 5 of your Crew will get set up in different spots for the best camera angles of the chosen location.

    Someone should be aware of what you’re doing and be, for instance, at home, waiting for the phone call. Just a necessary precaution for the Crews benefit. A lawyer on retainer with his 24 hours phone number wouldn’t hurt, is a good thing to have ready too. Go get acquainted with a bail bondsman. Have one or 2 of them on retainer.

    Be sure to park any transportation you came in a few blocks away in a legal area away from the chosen location so it can’t be towed for being parked illegally, Male sure your vehicle has been cleaned inside and out of anything that can be construed as a weapon, dope, anything and wiped down of all finger prints. Better yet have someone drop you off like uber. Your 4 or 5 camera drivers will proceed to their assigned spots a few minutes before the fun begins. These are spots that are away from the location chosen and hidden as much as possible from view but not in a way or position that would cause an alert to be sent out to anyone for any reason. These “Spots” Must be Public Domain and Public Property and must be able to be seen from the chosen location and visa-versa. That’s the purpose of cameras with Tele-Foto zoom lenses.

    Be Sure to Put Black Electrical Tape over all the Camera Cue Lights. Ya’no those red flashing lights on the camera that shows you’re recording. Use cameras with nothing at all in the memory. No personal phones with any info in them.

    Everyone is in place, all equipment is working properly, radio checks thru the head sets, EVERYONE KNOWS TO STAY FOCUSED ON THE IDIOT. Roll Cameras, The IDIOT arrives and proceeds to do his or her thing which is shooting video/ pictures from a Public Domain/ Public Property area of whatever the camera/ person can see. Totally Legal activity of anything you can see from a public Domain/ Public Property area.

    At this point, I should mention that no matter what happens during the next critical time period the CREW should stay put. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND CONCENTRATE ON THE INSTANT ISSUE AND THAT IS SHOOTING THE VIDEO OF WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH THE INTERACTIONS OF THE COPS AND THAT IDIOT.

    Basically, the Crew should NEVER let anyone know of the CREW and the Crew should Never say anything except to the attorneys.

    When the authorities arrive, THE IDIOT, all wired up for wireless microphones as in 2, body cam and hand held cam, should be ready to stand his ground and be as antagonistically polite as possible within the boundaries of the law. If possible, know the state statutes that apply to your location, situation and get busy. The Idiot has the Constitution on his side so a 1st Amendment to freedom of speech means You can basically say Anything you want to the cops. And I mean ANYTHING.

    Each situation is different so basically keep your mouths shut, don’t even acknowledge their, the authorities, presents. They will do the rest. They will either be obliged to “Kick Rocks” or “Kick Idiot”. Remember the more you get the shit kicked out of you the more money they will have to bark up. Remember the cops/ authorities are Criminals, illiterate fools, jerks, assholes, Dumb-ed Down Americans, power hungry dick heads, Corrupt Gun Totting THUGS, and TYRANTS and they will prove it in their actions. Just wait, watch and see for yourself.

    The worse it gets the better for the IDIOT and the Crew. Who knows, The IDIOT, may end up with a broken leg, arm, ruptured spleen, broken ribs and punctured lung, pissing blood for a month, black eyes, broken jaw, ruptured ear drum, dick kneed up into yer asshole, concussion, contusions, second and third circumcision, but remember, You’ll get over all that when the check comes into your bank account.

    As the action plays out with the Idiot and the cops the Crew will just concentrate on the VIDEO and AUDIO action all the way to the end. That will be determined by the injuries to the Idiot. He will either get handcuffed to the gurney as he goes to the hospital of just cuffs into the back of the cop car spitting blood and his eye is hanging on his cheek.

    Long after the cops have lied in statements and police reports have been completed with misrepresentations and embellishments, and the Mayor and the Prosecutor all have made their false statements, embellished accounts to various news media. The Chief of Police or The Sheriff have made their BS Statements to the media. The cops have all slapped each other on the back a hundred times. Then the real story comes out thru the attorneys that represent the Idiot and Crew members.

    If and When you end up in court, little chance of that, cuz’a’outa court settlement will happen way before any trial happens, the verdict will be in Your Favor because the judge will have your 7 good quality video camera angles with excellent quality audio showing the TRUE COLORS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. The best part is they brought it on themselves, luckily there were 7 cameras watching. Your attorneys will have a field day in court with the crew's good video and audio work.

    The cops, Criminals On Patrol, will get their just rewards by being dis-graced, fired, bad press for the dept, divorced from wife or husband, kids will hate daddy forever, illegal drug use and alcohol abuse follows, Jail and/or Prison, no more guns as they have been charged and convicted of a felony and hopefully Prison, or possibly Suicide. Good riddance to bad cops.

    If there was 10,000 Crews all around the country doing this in every major city, small towns, National Parks, and almost anywhere there are Gun totting law enforcement/ criminals on patrol and with insurance claims against the cops/ taxpayer in the hundreds of Millions of Dollars happening every week then the cops will be put in their place. Laws will change. Qualified Immunity disappears, The cops will be nice for a change. I still won’t trust them. COPS/ AUTHORITIES IN GENERAL ARE THE ENEMY OF THE CITIZENS/ PEOPLE.

  8. Michael Tarrant sure is repetitive. Drugs? Self importance? Ignorance? Tyranny? Insanity? All of the above? No matter what, this guy only knows how to escalate. Virtually anyone in healthcare with at least a pea sized brain knows that HIPAA doesn't apply to the general public. Tarrant is an ignorant tyrant that doesn't deserve to be in a position of authority. I wouldn't even trust him to get my burger order right the first time.

  9. I think the "security crew" were all mentally ill by their behavior. If someone i knew was in there and not court ordered I'd get them out so fast for their safety. One can only imagine what goes on in that place. Has Michael Tyrant ever put his hands on a patient ? I think he answered that question judging by the video.

  10. Holy shit this is the most annoying 1AA video I’ve ever watched. That dude yelled the entire 13 minutes and acted like a complete retard. He needs to be inside that building.

  11. I'm so glad you cut stuff out. If I had to listen to Tarrant much longer, I think I'd have to stab my ears out. Ug. I kinda wish y'all had made him leave.

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