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Scientology is perhaps the most ridiculed religion of the 21st century. However aside from all of the celebrity attention, it is truly the unorthodox beliefs that have people talking.

But is it just a big misconception or is it truly bizarre? You decide.

These are the craziest things that Scientologists believe in.

10. They believe that human beings evolved from clams. Yes. Clams.

9. They believe the Earth is inhabited by alien “thetans” which live among us disguised as humans.

8. They believe that all psychiatrists are evil, scheming, diabolical monsters who are part of a global conspiracy of drug control and murder.

7. They believe the evil alien ruler Xenu killed millions of aliens (Thetans) from around the universe by kidnapping them, bringing them to earth in golden DC-8 “space-planes” & blowing them up inside volcanoes with hydrogen bombs.

6. They believe the souls of these aliens (these souls are “Body Thetans”) were captured, brainwashed & released; they then attached themselves to our ancestors (who passed them all the way down to us) & cause many of our mental & physical ills to this day.

5. Auditing is said to “clear” us of these Body Thetans as well as the “mental implants” they supposedly impose on our minds.

4. They believe that any critics or enemies may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist.

3. Scientologists who “break the rules” while members of the “Sea Org” must subject themselves to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), which includes regimes of harsh physical punishment, forced self-confessions, social isolation, hard labor and intensive ideological indoctrination.

2. Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist, was involved in a car accident & resultantly became mentally unstable. She was kidnapped from the hospital by agents of Scientology, held against her will, refused proper psychiatric treatment & allowed to starve to death.

1. A CBS “48 Hours” special on Jeremy Perkins, the mentally disturbed son of Scientologist parents who, because of the Scientology doctrine of opposing psychiatry, refused to put him on the anti-psychotic drugs that would have stabilized him & prevented him from killing his own mother.

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36 thoughts on “SCIENTOLOGY IS SCARY

  1. How can they kidnap people legally? Is it some weird asylum kind of thing where they can detain people due to medical issues or eminent threat? That's crazy.. human trafficking?

  2. My new favorite channel! Why cant I meet quality people like you,bro? We are brothers in the same fight. To spread the love that is only found in the truth of noble character. We leave the seat of our soul and enter the universe to communicate that which is rare and precious. That is being forthright with peace and goodwill toward those of merit. And rain fire down on the wicked who practice deception and ill will for personal gain. They are not happy unless they have deminished someone in some way. And the crooked judges grant the crooked plea. Stay safe out there,brutha! Cant wait to watch your next film!

  3. Although I agree with most of the comments being said about this cult. The only reason they are being targeted is because of their stance on homosexuality. They have always maintained that this is a form of mental illness; I happen to agree.

  4. You raw homie. I like it. People need to know the truth with these weirdos and how the law fucks wit people. That freedom of speech is real too pimpin. Much love. Keep doin what you doin. Originally from Inglewood too so keep reepin that Los too👍

  5. How they have gotten away with harassing and imprisoning people is I don't know. David Miscavige is fucking nuts and so is Tom Cruise. Watch the video of Miscavige giving Cruise a medal and Cruise's acceptance of it, just creepy. They've infiltrated the Cops in every city they're established in, probably the FBI and IRS too. Bring. Them. Down.

  6. This screwed up "religion" is a very real threat to our government, and their agenda is subverting the US government. Sick "religion" and sick "philosophy". I can't tell you how glad I am to have come across you.

  7. Keep going dude. These people are fucking nuts and a real threat to people who are vulnerable. Tom Cruise and John Travolta should be ashamed.Boycott their movies and anything else they do! Hope your Sister is ok. I commend you!

  8. They're really slick at the manipulation game too. I'd previously been involved with the Christian CULT…..and so was probably pretty vulnerable to their mind games. The shit they had to say during that 1st encounter seemed logical…..and I actually WAS interested in learning more. Then I read that article about them the next day……otherwise I could see myself likely eventually falling victim.

  9. In the early 1980s, I was invited into one of those places to take a FREE 'personality test'. I was on foot….on a VERY hot day….out looking for work…..and these two gals were out front & invited me in. I figured I could get out of the hot sun for a bit & maybe get a drink of cold water….so I went in. Friendly staff, and the questions on their little quiz seemed harmless & fun, etc. Afterwards, I was taken into a small room & my answers were evaluated & I was given some little introduction on 'engrams' or whatever the basics were. All sort of interesting, but not TOO much detail. I left & headed home. The very next day, I was at my local library, and happened to pick up a copy of a Reader's Digest. There was an article in there on the church of Scientology and what sort of a SCAM it all was. Also a complete description of the same process I had gone thru on the previous afternoon. Being invited in to take the 'personality test'…..the evaluation…..the crap about the 'engrams'…..EVERYTHING. Glad I stumbled across that article.

  10. I got about 5 vids on my channel from this crazy fuck ass place. Tell me why they found out my address and started leaving fliers at my house…they're freaking nuts for sure

  11. Ricky Munday helps more people who need it, than any punk robocop who punts on a gun and badge…….
    robocops just like to beat/rob through legal extortion/even murder innocent people who maybe ill, but their not murdering/raping criminals…….
    Shame on those L/E who just want to make their bones.

  12. I used to work at hemet and I use to pass by the scientology place in hemet and I always thought it was a golf course and they used to always be alot of movement in the nights with cars going in and out and they used to send letters from scientology in my mail box and I stayed all the way in Whittier and some times I use to rev my engine on thoses cars and I used to get followed for a little down on the 60 freeway I berally found out this month that that place was a scientology place everything makes sinces you can see white vans going in and out in the nights sometimes you can see people walking in the middle of no where walking down that street of Gilman spring rd thoses people could of been the people escaping from the scientology place and they have cops on there pay roll so they basically bought the place to favor them I think that's how they found out my address from my car alot of weird shit happens there in the night with all thoses white vans going in with tinted windows the 12 seater vans

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