38 thoughts on “Round 2: Will The Mayor Allow Free Speech Or Adjourn The Meeting

  1. Even though I don't care for that sort of language, If the "bad" words are censored, when will they start censoring the "good" words. Those ladies looked offended when you spoke, but I feel sure they have heard them before. The mayor is nothing but a big fish in a small pond and feels the need to throw his weight around.

  2. Language should be used intelligently not just to censor someone just because of a curse words. All words are a part of our language worldwide in every country. They are used to express ourselves. They should not be censored in any way shape or form except your job or business because we trade freedom for privilege's, which is money. Money is the means not the ends.

  3. For the record, if you can legally say it on a sidewalk or in a park or anywhere else in the commons, you can say it in a city hall at a public comments section of a public meeting. They may have policy against it but that doesn't matter. They may even have made laws against it but those are not supported by the US Constitution (Cohen V California). So go ahead and say f*** all you want. It's a (semi) free country.

  4. Boomers are some of the most vile and fragile snowflakes I've ever come across… as cowardly as the newest generation if statist sycophants, the zoomer-coomer gender binding gentital mutilating cowards… all of them, worthless scum.

  5. Awesome work. Thank you for doing this, in this exact way. These positive experiences seem so rare — I'm glad you were able to provide this one.

  6. Love two old ladies at end. They live in a world where if government says don't do this then you don't. They finally seen that government is not in control and James was awesome. To the two old ladies who had their noses in the air may I say " fuck you" . Man gotta love free speech.

  7. Does the mayor there not have nice shirts that fit? Can he only rock Walmart black tshirts? Goodwill at least has collared golf shirts that would be passable.

  8. Great job following up and going back. It would be awesome if they considered your idea on contracting the sheriff's department. You tha man

  9. What a dead space πŸ˜‚ If your retired please go feed your cat !!! Remember to have them sprayed and …… πŸ˜‚ That peter guy seems to have a really bad ora around him. And why are there retired elderly there lol.

  10. Personally I would prefer to hear F bomb laden tirades until these idiots in local govt are beaten into submission with it. They all seem to think they are above the people for whom they work and it's time to show them that they are not, not even in the slightest.

    I've had to do the same thing at my city council to put an end to the Mayor reading her little decorum policy. She got the point quickly and decided to sit back and STFU like a good little servant.

    If your town is even hinting at stifling your free speech make sure they know every curse word in the book, make up some new ones too, at every one of their little club meetings.

  11. I do support free speech, even if it offends me. I support Mr Freemans approach at educating people on this exact subject. Keep up the good fight.

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