Rally for Joshua Rohrer And Sunshine Gaston County Court 5PM EST

Join in person at Gaston County courthouse in North Carolina, or watch live at

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35 thoughts on “Rally for Joshua Rohrer And Sunshine Gaston County Court 5PM EST

  1. I know that North Carolina played by a different room but I don’t see how they get away with it the whole country and everybody deemed the public records republic N they should be shared I’m understanding why North Carolina can do something different it doesn’t seem right I mean they try something in Arizona and the first person arrested what is the frequency of your bed this is a little bit of an unconstitutional my lawyer up to now it’s been pushed back why is North Carolina not getting pushed back on this

  2. Copy link of video to police department and city Facebook pages.

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  3. Hey James, I live in a rural remote part of America, and have no access to broadband, and no cell service, so I signed up for Starlink and couldn't be happier. You might want to look into it.

  4. This situation has been the one that’s effected me the most. I’m a veteran, have ptsd, and was homeless at one point. Oh and I have a service dog that is literally my world. If that happened to me idk if I could recover. Or I might get very violent you could say. It’s just one of the most effed up videos I’ve ever seen. Bc they usually defend their actions by saying they’re dealing with terrible criminals and stuff but this situation has no excuse and they went extremely out of their way to screw Josh in every way but emotionally was prob the worst. There is no replacement for your service dog. It’s like losing your kid that saved your life. And it was all completely senseless and didn’t have to halken. They showed complete disdain and disregard for Josh and his situation. The littlest compassion or empathy would’ve changed that whole situation m. These cops are not even human u swear.

  5. Joshua's case shows vividly the ignorance, ineptitude, dishonesty, and complete uselessness of today's law enforcement. Not a single thing done by police that day had any value whatsoever. What the police did do was to destroy a veteran's life and cause the death of his beloved service dog. The citizens of the City and County paid those police to cause all of that harm for no reason at all. I hope those same citizens will be extremely generous in attempting to compensate Joshua for his damages that can never be made right.


  6. I have many problems with the US military and their actions, but that's on our government. I have massive respect for those who sign up to serve and it's atrocious how we treat them like throw aways. This man's story broke my heart. It'll stick with me forever I think.

  7. Thank you for standing up for us NC folks, we seem to get looked over, in the scheme of things, I'm just a country bumpkin, living under my rock! The footage thing here in NC is BS, it just allows tyrannical behavior , those officers need to be beat, that dogs life is worth two of theirs! Those cops need jail time, they straight up assaulted that guy and murdered his dog! They need 5-10 years in prison! They should be glad it's not up to me, they would be serving life in prison! Garbage like that doesn't deserve to walk the street, much less carry a license to kill!
    Awesome helping this guy!! Thank you sooo much!! 👍

  8. Ima paraplegic vet and we r pissed! Myself and my friends made calls and sent emails.. and we will do it again! I can't come.. obviously im stuck to a hospital bed.. but im watching and we the people are with ya Josh and Sunshine!

  9. That going through to get a judges order to get the body cam video is bullshit whatever law that is needs to be overturned and that’s what you should focus on. I say that just because I don’t know anyone else that can get it done.

  10. I watched the video and was heartbroken by so many things in the video. How a "man" and I use that loosely, can think it's ok to treat another man like he was treated is beyond me.

  11. This was a very upsetting situation. I felt so bad for him also his poor dog. It made me cry so hard 😭. My father is A vertran and if that had happen to him . I can't say what I would've done. These so called officers should be charged with animal abuse ect!! As well as how they treated Joshua. I'm sorry this is bill $#-$- what happen . Plain as day you can see what those officers did. !! Thank you James for giving me the info to help with donations.

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