Ponca City Oklahoma Steps Into Huge Law Suit! Recording Government = Interfering

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33 thoughts on “Ponca City Oklahoma Steps Into Huge Law Suit! Recording Government = Interfering

  1. Ponca City Police Department
    200 E Oklahoma Ave, Ponca City, OK 74601
    (580) 767-0370 https://g.co/kgs/Gx84xi

    Full uncut video, also subscribe to his channel for more frequent updates and details on how this is progressing

    James Freeman Merch

    Send videos you'd like to see featured on the channel to Realjamesfreeman@gmail.com

  2. Lets be frank, those public jobs are sweet gigs! No dirty work, no heavy lifting, every possible paid holidays, GREAT pay!, Great pensions and all paid for by US!, So too bad you're being recorded, you don't want to be recorded? Go get a job in the
    PRIVATE sector! But good luck getting one as sweet as this!

  3. These slimy pigs in blue costumes are getting more and more tyrannical every single day! There is no reasoning with them and when we sue them we end up paying the lawsuit and they suffer, zero! We the people are growing very weary and are starting to get really pissed about all this tyrannical rights violating these slimy pigs, because they are not human, do! Good humans do not treat their fellow humans in such a manner! Animals and slime balls, do, though! They are becoming more and more openly blatant about throwing it right in our faces and that is very dangerous!

  4. All I see is the Blue Line gang getting more promotion and more paycheck they've been casting tyranny for decades and we're all just supposed to comply as little peasants how dare we have a brain to think they're nothing more than a gang the blue line gang they are the equivalent of Mount Everest pile of maggot s*** maggots run from the Sun light

  5. If he was convicted I would bet he didn't have an Atty.. You can't be an auditor and not have a good civil rights Atty.. Otherwise you will end up in prison. That is just how it is. Without an Atty. the Judges will walk all over you even when you know the law as this guy does. I have been in court where the otherside presented and the Judge would not let me talk at all and I lost. I spent 3 years in prison in one case and I did nothing wrong and was never indicted. I was also denied a speedy trial. I had moved my money from one savings bank to another savings bank to get a higher interest rate and they called that money laundering and then took my near $5 million dollars. Things are getting ready to change for these crooked cops. You will see. The cop maybe be talking calmly but he is just talking BS.. I can hear it in his voice, that cop at the end with the phone call really likes you but just doesn't know how the express it in a lawful manner. Good job tp both you and the photographer.

  6. This video brought memories. I was investigating a crime in my jurisdiction that took me to another county and city. I had friend in that police department who told me I would have problems with getting the info I wanted from the recorder. He gave me the number of the circuit court judge and to call him if the recorder refused to give me copies of the documents. My friend called the judge and gave him my name. The lady in the recorder's office refused and I called the judge. She took the phone. When she hung up, I got every document I wanted. This recalcitrant behavior among public employees is common everywhere. The police chief in one city refused to give up the location of a man I wanted to question for a crime. An arrest warrant changed his mind.

  7. Bugs me every time someone says “I’m sorry but I’m nor going to stop recording “ Why are they Sorry?!? They have no lawful reason to be Sorry!!

  8. When I see a story of a dead pig it makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that there’s just a little less tyranny in the world just for a little while 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. There is no way a police officer can know every law. BUT, they should look into it. I mean the camera guy is giving the codes and statutes. It would of been easy for them to look them up.

  10. They are blatantly violating the law, NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE A GUN, the gun had nothing to do with it.

    They are violating his rights because they can get away with it. At worst, tax payers have to pay higher insurance premiums due to the lawsuit.

  11. Remember the old saying, give them an inch and they will take a mile. I had just written this and then you said it too but I'm leaving it. I submit that we have two IQ's one for math and science and some people may score high for that one then there is the common since IQ and for some people it may be 15 but their math and science may be 140. The ones that took the jab unless it was to keep their jobs to support family. Even for those could have joined the control group that would without question give them exemption from jabs that all had to honor that as it was international and for $35.00 could have gotten registered for that.. Most did not even know about that because they were lazy and didn't do their research and they had plenty of time with the lockdowns. I have found that many people that are lazy end up with a terrible life and then wonder why that is. Now we are back to the low common sense IQ. I hate that when cops just lie and make up $hitt to get out of their predicament. You are wrong, as they are not accountable and are stupid and some might even be imbeciles which is one step lower that and idiot.


  13. Almost all Government Agencies believe that their policies and procedures overrule the State and Federal Laws, and that citizens' RIGHTS do not apply when dealing with them. Shockingly, Town, City, and State Attorneys often agree with the "feelings" of the Government Administration droids. If you have ever dealt with these droids in a standard citizen to droid action, you know that many, if not most times, the droids are rude and totally unprofessional. I had problems dealing with them, and I am very hard person to rile. IT CAN BE VERY HARD TO BE NICE AND POLITE WHEN THESE DROIDS ARE TREATING YOU LIKE SCUM. This Auditor was totally amazingly COOL and professional. TWO THUMBS UP!

  14. Maybe we should stop blaming the tyrannical police officers who regularly violate the rights of the slaves they encounter, and start realizing that we deserve to have our rights violated, if we've allowed pigs to comfortably violate our rights, and do so with obviously no a parent threat whatsoever to officer safety.

    Maybe we should stop blaming the pigs, and start blaming ourselves for teaching these pigs that they can violate our rights without any chance of us actually exercising the second amendment we claim to value and care so much about.

    Don't for one second pretend that we do indeed exercise our second amendment, because we obviously don't if police officers violate our rights without any fear whatsoever of having their heads blown off for doing so.

    If indeed there was a chance of their heads being eliminated, you better believe that alone would put a stop to encounters with police officers like this one, and the thousands of others I've witnessed here on YouTube!

  15. If these public servants don't like their bosses, the public, filming them in public areas doing their public functions, or in this case not doing their public functions.

  16. Cop: So you want to come here to see how far you can push the issue? Literally everyone in the world who isn’t a public servant: No. I’m coming so you’ll arrest me for NOT breaking any laws and violate my Constitutional rights so then I can sue you are your hick town even FARTHER back into the Stone Age FOREVER. and as always, have a nice day

  17. In the words of the famous city manager of Leon valley,"we have insurance for that" props to this guy for his patience!!! Thanks James!!!

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