47 thoughts on “Police Put Man Face Down On Pavement To Make Sure He’s Okay

  1. On let's here the detectives radio call.
    If he truly thought the guy was gonna commit suicide.. he would have expressed that over the radio….
    … this cop is arrogant. Wife called perfectly!!

  2. Great call Freeman def 1of the best & I actually think this by being polite but calling BS is the way to create change. I wish the auditor's who are always loud & foul would quit bc those hurt the cause. Judges can't see anything past that & those are the vids they show to make auditors look crazy.

  3. "Looks like he's gonna commit suicide" and doesn't like cops, so let's give him even more reasons to not like cops and attempt to ruin his life by filing false charges.. "protect his community" by assaulting people with mental disorders? Great job, scumbags..

  4. Yeah the wife stated he has PSD but that was after a police officer told her several times he was climbing the fence not stretching with 1leg simply higher up the fence like he was so she shouldn't have said anything. However she didn't say anything to cause arrest & he sure as hell didn't break a law. Easy case.

  5. The Caldwell Idaho Public should frequent ALL bridges and overpasses whenever possible… and simply "stretch" on the barriers and railing… to see if the KKKops arrive and change your "point of view".

  6. Of course part of the body cam is missing..always ..same sht in my present lawsuit..25 minutes missing from 55 minute stop that ended with all our money missing and my cameras ripped down outta our car 😒

  7. love the ruby ridge/waco comment! the fbi has been violating civil rights since they were established. they began by poisoning liquor and are now engaged in entrapping "terrorists". Dangerous through and through

  8. This is why people should not talk to cops, the cop can’t see that he lost control but yet he picked up and repeated what the man’s wife said about ‘mental issues’

  9. I have to disagree on this one. The officer thought he was suicidal and very well may have been. Control has to taken with someone willing to kill themselves.

  10. They quickly discerned he wasn't climbing the railing, the man was not in need of "help" from the cops and stated so. Definitely a ridiculous ego trip.

  11. The cop said it was wrong to swear, he said nothing about trying to break an innocent guys shoulders and elbows. Looks like the cop will however receive a Christmas card every now from the guy thanking him for paying for a new car and an extension he builds on his house from the law suit payout.

  12. Cops can be such immature, ego-driven assholes sometimes. The one cop says that he's "trying to figure out things," but completely ignores the explanatory words of the people who actually KNOW what is going on. (!) What a douchebag!!!
    Cop: I'm here to figure things out, are you trying to kill yourself?
    Man near car: Nope, just waiting for some gas from my wife, I ran out of gas.
    Cop: I don't believe you! Get your ass on the ground while I figure out what is going on!
    Man near car: I just told you what is going on!
    Cop: Why are you arguing with me?! Put your hands behind your back, you're going to jail!
    Man near car: What is wrong with your ears? I just TOLD you what is going on! It's not an argument!
    Cop: You're going to jail, Mister! Don't EVER argue with a police officer AGAIN!!!
    Man near car: What the hell is wrong with these people? No matter what you tell them, they accuse you of lying and then do their best to be antagonistic towards anyone who is attempting to inform them of the actual FACTS. (!!!???)
    TOO WEIRD!!!

  13. Exercising Constitutional Rights can NEVER be turned into a violation of law! Guduh! 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 1st Amendment Rights were being exercised by the man. Oopsie guess who lost their qualified immunity in civil court. Hint: only cops have that.

  14. Tackle a man because he has no obligation to talk to these pig’s. Trying to escalate every situation that they come in contact with. The supervisor is just as bad.

  15. There is NO duty required of a cop to save our lives! SCOTUS stated recently that only 2 duties exist: 1. Investigate crime. 2. Pursue criminals. PERIOD! Imagined duties are not duties!


  17. another video where cops earning the hate, one video at a time – thank you Supreme Court for allowing cops to lie. this guy told the cops what he was doing and the cops stated to the guy's wife that her husband was trying to commit death by cop

  18. Officer should have got in his patrol car and put his lights on so traffic wouldn't hit them and wait for the citizen to get his gas and everyone moves on. Instead he got butt hurt because a citizen didn't want to interact with him and had to teach him a lesson. Friggin fool

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