Police chief VIOLATING RIGHTS! New Smyrna Beach

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More To come and tons of public records to be released.

PayPal.me/jmaudits I’ll be requesting mini body camera footage and the city is charging for anything over 15 minutes but it will really help in locating more violations with this police chief

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28 thoughts on “Police chief VIOLATING RIGHTS! New Smyrna Beach

  1. another oath breaker signs up it shows a long time culture the videos show that cops dont care about your rights they not taught in police academy the constitution why so they can con6inue this tyarant behavior under colour of law they know that all those law hi courts judges will never change anything and if they do takes decades change and oass into law rights for everyone other than the average joe or jill on the streets no badges no rights thats what they are taught in police academy ive had a frjend go through police academy his major in school is constitutional law and law of the land he told me when he got sworn in he asked the person swearing him in so can you tell me before il sworn in how can we ssear to protect the consrltitution for our citizens if no one here except me knows them answer he vot back shocked him all the citizen have to do is what you say if not well u know you tell the it will not go good for you if you dont do as i say arrest and charge them with whatever u want if you get caught donf worry about it your union will make it go away we own judges juries and crowns so it open season on them u know oh by the way this friend who has been a cop 7 yrs looked into the teachers in the academy w8 kkk mrmners and white power members so you got these problem s he hasnt gone up in rank as others due to w8 not enough arrests tickets and stopping other cops from beating up handcuffed person s who are being held down by 2 or mkte cops while the other come and tunes him in on wno is in charge thats right when he has reported it to internal affairs they dtag there heal s and a call from the union to them and its oh was justified he has told me in thousands of tickets isued rvery year only 15-20% are legit the rest is to keep up the numbers and get more cash from frederal and provincal govenment ot city he told me of thousand s of case s cops plant evidence and make up charges to look folks up wear a police impound yard sold a vehicle to his friend then affer he drove out arrested him saying we smell a order later he asked the arresting office he said that our way of arrestkng anyone and keeps all our judges and others doing as we say the cops planted the drugs to get the arrest because the privious owner was a drug dealer of course the smell was in the car they been selling and arresting innocent persons 37 x for the same car now the judge know s crown know s abd all cover it up to arrest poor citizens thjs shows how qulified immuity and corruption goes on across america he has 25 others relatives in law inforcement across america all say shut up do as your told and cover your police officers back 26 x cops have shot clearly unarmed citizenz of colour yes they all have tatoos when they do this he has none but as he see others in his police dept 70 plus have got one or more indicating kkk inside the police forces exstortion land drugs and cash that disapesr when they take from citizen s in seven yrs till he left 17 to 20 million dollars was tzken on the reports he read later 6 to 10 million repoerted then theu get there kick back the rest is spread around the officers and there unper comand yes tgis is true after he exposed this the law inforcement in investgation person s who i gave copys of all video s he told me all got reasigned else where and the new ones stated they dont know where the video evidence oh guess where the tapes are in the police chiefs safe at home those tracking chips really work also my police friend has moved himself and family out of usa tj another country oh he has orignals as a insurance policy as he had death threats not one good cop came to defend and protect him and his family this is how the police lie frame up and he said when u hear the cops saying this close your phone yiu have no rights and we will think up charges and if you dont answer everything we ask you your going to jail want to know what pisses cops off most you knowing yout right 1 two u exersising them three u not self incrimatdating yourself

  2. Seriously people… Is it too much to ask that from time to time we can just get a video of one of these terrorists getting splattered by a car passing by and finally see some justice served?!?!?

  3. My father is a lawyer and he tells people all the time the police are NOT your friends and they can not be trusted. He also tells people if you're being questioned by a cop the only thing you says is not without my lawyer present.

  4. this video was a well prepared public service announcement. they were well aware they were on camera. unfortunately it wasnt hollywood material. hilarious. trying to sway public opinion with manipulative copsplaining. that garbage may work when a citizen is intimidated by the possibility of an officer using their firearm on them or just trying to be released, but no not on the internet where you have the opportunity to consider law & order. in fact they showed their hand… how do they always get out of these blatantly obvious felonies? police unions. time to hit them where it hurts. go after the union reps for attempting to justify these acts of violence against citizens. if remington can be sued so can they.

  5. I know that at least one cop or one bootlicker is watching this. Please tie yourself into a knot while you try and explain to the rest of us how standing on a PUBLIC sidewalk, engaging with no one unless engaged by someone else, and saying "God bless the homeless vets." can possibly be baiting a cop to anyone other than a cop or his attendant bootlicker. Well, this cop took "the bait" by his own admission which means he dumber than a lot of fish who never took my bait. Including a 15 pound yellowtail chilling under a kelp paddie while my baited, live anchovy swam back and forth right in his face. Dumber than a freaking yellowtail.

  6. I find the problem most prolific with police comes from the chief's mouth… When they are challenged.
    Those words are straight up gestapo, euro garbage.
    In this nation we have the liberty and luxury to challenge authority as our rights come from God not government. Too long have police powers gone unchecked and too long have citizens slept.

  7. weeeeeee blue line gang covering for each other again…violate his his rights but its minimal and he didn't get thrown to the ground ???? shame shame
    blue line gang NEVER sees anything wrong with it ,,, it was a minor rights violation and its okay he was baited??? shame on the fat guy protecting these oath breakers

  8. i love how if you stand there and dont say nothing the cops say your baiting them!! this coming from people who WILL fine you daily for victim less crimes.

  9. Blue isis domestic terrorism will continue until qualified immunity is stripped and we start putting these criminals in costume behind bars where they belong 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. When I pick up my camera, if I can get a chief or sheriff to violate my clearly established rights, I'm going for a full billion.
    We're going to federal court. F settling. Going for a law degree requirement and an end to QI too.

  11. Union Rep: "The guy had a minimal detention." Say what? A minimal detention is 100% illegal! There is no such thing as a 10% violation of the law. It is always 100%.

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