Police Chief VIOLATES rights; cops seize dogs, move to CONDEM house!

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39 thoughts on “Police Chief VIOLATES rights; cops seize dogs, move to CONDEM house!

  1. im literally shaking watching this… SD did this to us few months back at 530 Elizabeth Place… Code enforcement kept stepping up harassment by killing water n call to power company to kill it too. Eventually rolling up with no joke 12 cops on and off duty,10 city worker's from city hall and parks dept to kick everyone out, trash everything in house, then plywood nail sheets over every window and door… What had me talking shit to supervisor was a group of cops all huddled up talking shit and laughing at myself and good friend get thrown on the street and watching everything not carried away that moment thrown away in dump trailer. I said loudly to supervisor about the cops shit talk n laughing something like why do y'all think this is funny? We are people who your represent and work for, where is the professionalism? you think it's funny citizens of this city are getting thrown to the street with no place to go and your laughing… I hope you cops are not saying something bad because I will get those bodycams…. Sadly I never did and wish so because you would have these same fucks doing same shit taking it upon themselves to condem property… Please look into it bro…. I live on Evergreen 4 houses down from the 530 Elizabeth Place address… RudeboyDaytona@gmail.com aka Kyle Keleher

  2. Shame she was not there to protect herself with force. Go to his house and do the same. I'm sick to death of this policed world. It's time to start fighting back with force. They are no longer law enforcement. FTP.

  3. Worming your way around the amendments with local policies is a crime and all involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the real law.

  4. This type of harassment is only going to get much much more intense the closer we get to 2030. The government will obey the money masters and make it extremely hard to be able to own your own home. I expect them to start stealing property by means of code enforcement and fines like they have been doing in California, claiming that property owners are harming the environment.

  5. Doing what they do best…..violate peoples rights? Where are all the good police?? You were one I hope. It sounds like they are lying and doing what they want to this woman. It's really sad that our public servants act like this.

  6. So basically when you know you are going to spend an extended time away from home, to do trivial things like… die in a hospice (a place that takes care of the sick and terminally ill), you aren't allowed to have someone come and take care of your property without getting a business license and lease? Not even you children, who could well be getting that property in a will or even be the executor? Seriously?

  7. Is this really taking place in "The Land Of The Free' this seems more like the Nazis in the thirties persecuting the Jewish population, this Chief and his criminal cronies are obviously both incompetent and corrupt, it seems American Citizens have less rights than those in North Korea or Communist China, what has happened to America? You were once the envy of the world

  8. So the scam by city employers is to sieze the property & sell to themselves to do up & make a huge profit. It is a corruption scandal.

  9. Rent inspections are only legal when the home is in the custody of the owner.
    Renters can't be forced to have government agents in their homes without warrant. De da dee

  10. Unbelievable the government thinks that it can tell you who and who you cannot have stay in your own house . That's fucking crazy . Florida government is way out of control . People got to stand up and change your government . Vote 🗳

  11. Someone in the police department or city government want's to buy that property as cheap as possible so they are using their position to force people out.

  12. We call them Shovel people..
    They will shove anyone into to the owen,,
    Claiming just doing their job..Horrible people..just horrible..

  13. What the hell is going on here. There’s something corrupt happening here because nothing makes sense.You have several branches of government conspiring to force this woman out of her parents house. How can this happen. Especially putting the dogs back after intimidating her to seize them.

  14. My son just won a jury case against Marion, Iowa city hall for him so called harassing them. He was and still is fighting a apartment/owner that is hazardous for the people living there. He's gone to jail for this. Many people against us both now. I got involved because they went after my son. This goes deep. From apartment owner, management, city hall, cops and more. The building owner is a building inspector. Very rich and has friends in town. My son is his own attorney. Not by law. Google.. But he's been kicking their a$$e$ with his jury trials. This was this last county attorneys 1st jury trial. My son's 2nd in less than 2 years. My boy 2, county attorneys office 0. This poor man is going to remember losing his 1st jury trial to a 24 year old with a GED. 23 his 1st win against the cops. Now they're going to be defendants. Lawsuits coming. New laws to study. 🎓💪🇺🇸
    For got to say. I'm very proud how my son stands-up for his rights, and most of all, the fight he's willing to fight for others safety. He goes to jail for this. And who gets a jury trial for a simple misdemeanor..? My boy,, 🇺🇸

  15. So they just jump to conclusions to turn off water on the actual homeowner? They went by hear say instead of verifying the ID of the homeowner. How lazy and they don't care the consequences to the home owner.

  16. How disgusting! I am not shocked. Everyone of them had a BS excuse as to why they did something to hurt or cost that woman more and more and more. They just kept digging in. And their lies just make it so much worse. I really hope she is some how able to sue but then I fear she gets one of their judges that won't even hear the case. And sides with the chief or city manager.

  17. BOY looky here. I wish they would come at me with this bullshit. I guarantee you before they left with my dogs. They would leave in body bags. Not my children /kids/family ..not in my life. You want my babies someones got to die yall or me.. i have a spring fed well so im not worried about them shutting off water.. Lmao im more worried about catching them on my land so i can REMOVE THEM PROPERLY… "CASTLE DOCTRINE" LAWFULLY.. TELL THEM EXACTLY ONE TIME TO GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAND NOW and anything short of turning and moving will get them removed then period

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