Police chief VIOLATES RIGHTS And Public record law! Body camera at end:)

Ponce Inlet police chief made an attempt to interpret law and got it totally Wrong. 

He’s originally from Atlanta so I suspect he is guided by the lieutenant in this matter.

Full bwc of incident that sparked this request. https://youtu.be/dTUFyMeZaT8

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39 thoughts on “Police chief VIOLATES RIGHTS And Public record law! Body camera at end:)

  1. Errored in Florida constitution number it’s 24th article. SECTION 24. Access to public records and meetings.—
    (a) Every person has the right to inspect or copy any public record made or received in connection with the official business of any public body, officer, or employee of the state, or persons acting on their behalf, except with respect to records exempted pursuant to this section or specifically made confidential by this Constitution. This section specifically includes the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government and each agency or department created thereunder; counties, municipalities, and districts; and each constitutional officer, board, and commission, or entity created pursuant to law or this Constitution.
    (b) All meetings of any collegial public body of the executive branch of state government or of any collegial public body of a county, municipality, school district, or special district, at which official acts are to be taken or at which public business of such body is to be transacted or discussed, shall be open and noticed to the public and meetings of the legislature shall be open and noticed as provided in Article III, Section 4(e), except with respect to meetings exempted pursuant to this section or specifically closed by this Constitution.
    (c) This section shall be self-executing. The legislature, however, may provide by general law passed by a two-thirds vote of each house for the exemption of records from the requirements of subsection (a) and the exemption of meetings from the requirements of subsection (b), provided that such law shall state with specificity the public necessity justifying the exemption and shall be no broader than necessary to accomplish the stated purpose of the law. The legislature shall enact laws governing the enforcement of this section, including the maintenance, control, destruction, disposal, and disposition of records made public by this section, except that each house of the legislature may adopt rules governing the enforcement of this section in relation to records of the legislative branch. Laws enacted pursuant to this subsection shall contain only exemptions from the requirements of subsections (a) or (b) and provisions governing the enforcement of this section, and shall relate to one subject.
    (d) All laws that are in effect on July 1, 1993 that limit public access to records or meetings shall remain in force, and such laws apply to records of the legislative and judicial branches, until they are repealed. Rules of court that are in effect on the date of adoption of this section that limit access to records shall remain in effect until they are repealed.
    History.—Added, C.S. for C.S. for H.J.R.’s 1727, 863, 2035, 1992; adopted 1992; Am. S.J.R. 1284, 2002; adopted 2002.

  2. We can't treat our clients like this.
    We would never eat again.
    We're forced to do business with these PsOS at gunpoint, though.
    This won't end well for these tyrants.

  3. So can I just say well I read the law different Officer. Sorry, but you can always file a complaint against me that I will ignore.

  4. More ignorant power hungry THUGS ,And reasons why GOOD COPS GET KILLED ,, , These cops had BAD PARENTS ,, OR THERE PARENTS ARE ASHAMED OF THESE ASS HOLES

  5. My blood boils when I see the flippant , snarky attitudes of cops when people mention filing complaints. That is an issue we as a country need to address in police reform.

  6. Love how your calm sarcastic/critical demeanor towards this so-called "chief", just like the public records laws he doesn't comprehend, go right over his head. Great job JMA !!!

  7. What a disgusting persones. His lifes must be relly bed. I bet that his wife is the biggest Karen in the state that treats him like an idiot. I believe his family is so sad. How can be possible that those guys become police officers?? 🤔

  8. Its disturbing that the chief would go to such lengths to deny you access when their was nothing really there Its a goto stance because they cant bear to be transparent

  9. That was weak, the chiefs ego wouldn't allow him to apologize and give James the thumb drive, so he sends sends his subordinate out to do it.

  10. Perhaps that cop needs to go through legal training again. Perhaps a few more records request need to be made on camera to that chief to make sure they learned

  11. Great work please show the vid of the chief eating crow when he apologized for not knowing the law. Keep up the good work.

  12. When you look in the dictionary under "unaccountable" you see this police chief's picture. Thanks to police unions, qualified immunity, and politically powerful needing their armed Palace Guard goons to protect them, this is what plagues the ordinary citizen.

  13. After almost 5 years of watching law enforcement videos of misconduct at least 10 hours a day (plus ads so I can pay my soldiers documenting the behavior),I have concluded the process of becoming chief requires stupidity and corruption and arrogance.
    There is no escaping that fact.
    It is the reason the whole of America is saturated with these psychotic narcissists at the top of ladder.
    The core of every human desiring to be a badge is to oppress and once they have the power to violate, the happier they are.
    You know when a human has the right heart to be a badge after succeeding in getting the badge….they quit.
    If we had a country of those humans actually in charge, American law enforcement would be worthy.
    Instead the police unions shove these evil jackboot tyrants down our throats thinking so what.
    It is like they are oblivious to what is coming.
    I am beyond ready to see the people every city every town burn the precinct to the ground in one fell swoop.
    What part of 330 million people versus 900,000 badges do they not get? They actually think the weapons we supply them will protect them from us.

  14. Ever cop said your mor then welcomed 2 do it because we can do any we are above ⬆️ the laws ! We the cops can be as inhuman as we want our government backs us .!

  15. I have noticed that being a cop is the only I mean only profession that doesn’t matter if you smart or dumb as a rock as long you have ears and ask no questions you fit right in is crazy I bet you if they get a test base on laws 80% of them will fail on the spot!!! Very few of them know the law and just choice if they want to abuse it or chill lol 😂

  16. Misinterpretation of law due to poor reading comprehension is way too common. There should be reading comprehension courses for law enforcement to determine if they should maintain that position.

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