1. Was that Hadji? Thought I was watching a Hoax Hotel video for a minute there.
    Imagine what we could do if the people and the police joined together to fight the Federal Reserve

  2. Johnny, I have filmed or taken pictures of the WW2 memorial, Vietnam memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, the Pentagon, the white House, other fed buildings in D.C and thousands of other buildings throughout the country. It is not only scary and wrong for the police to be doing what they are doing now it is illegal. Only way to get the police is filing in federal court, but they know that is very expensive.Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7E1CV5OXbUAnd this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBWPpeHtdSA

  3. I have written my state senators and reps demanding they pass legislation so that police have to be accountable to a group of citizens similar to a grand jury that is used for everyone else.

  4. Think about the e-mails. If you can e-mail the police department or the mayor or city council members they would have to go through thousands of e-mails every day to find one they were expecting etc

  5. Great videos Johnny. Thanks for sharing them. I call and call. I e-mail them when I can. I like e-mails. I can send the same one a hundred times.  Just keep sending.

  6. Thankfully these cops have better things to do than play games with people like you. Did you jump and down and pout when you were young if you didn’t enough attention? I mean seriously man. Grow up and get a life.

  7. why does johnnie 50 come across as a pervert in every video. he can't go one void without sayin something perverted about women. or a woman thats with him. smmfh

  8. Love what your doing man, I can see its a tough job. I would love to be able to help or at least watch one in person…. Number 2 on bucket list. Maybe enough lawsuits and attention our great president will show some initiative in that. Sarcasm on the president part mostly just the great part you know forgot text don't have tone.

  9. Benny is a Nigerian Phone Scammer – Johnny I'd double check your bank details if I was you?

    Looks like Dallas PD are now outsourcing their comms support – lol!

  10. The shit service our hard earned tax dollars award us with. Funding BLUE ISIS domestic terrorism across the country.

  11. I am 99.9% sure that the first fuckwad that answered your call was none other than the burping barnyard animal known as Officer "I don't give a shit, I'd don't need this job" Ramos
    Wouldn't you think if his superiors were were taking this even remotely serious, there's no way they'd allow him to be manning the phones again today 😌

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