1. My 26 year experience with Dallas Internal Affairs, law enforcement agents and Attorney's is "it's a good ol boy network". Attorneys cover up crimes of other Attorney's; law enforcement agents abuse their power to intentionally, knowingly, maliciously Obstruct Justice. Internal Affairs alters complaints while police altered evidence which recently happened "again" from Sept. 2019 to April 2020. THERE ARE NO AGENCIES ANYWHERE IN DALLAS THAT USES THEIR POWER TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. My life has been LIVING HELL from 1994 to now. I DON'T SEE IT EVER STOPPING. You are wise to not give your address and name. I had an attempt on my life in June 1997. Recently; I caught officers tampering with evidence at the police station and Internal Affairs. I have the solid evidence to prove this most recent Tampering of Evidence. But; I've found no agency that does anything. YES; PRESIDENT TRUMP, NEW'T GINRICH; SYDNEY POWELL THAT WROTE LICENSED TO LIE EXPOSING CORRUPTION IN THE DEPT OF JUSTICE; and Grinrich who said that the system is more corrupt than people can imagine. They are all correct. I know because I've experienced this "good ol boy corruption" from 1994 to the most recent. It's pointless to call, write, or drive to meet anyone in the system with the thought that someone will prosecute. They won't.

  2. Screw him he want to make a report do it in a formal manner and as far as a threat is country center his coward ass is in California and is too far away to be a physical threat to him. And Dallas has a public information officer to communicate with the media. The station should have advised him of that and ended the connection.

  3. I believe a Texas police officer is running background checks on people that disagree with him to amplify his presence in chats. Can you suggest what I can do after he slipped up and spouted a piece of my background history in a chat ? He identified himself as a police officer and has several comments in the chat that include swearing . Don't these people have Moral compliance ?

  4. Just looking at this I wonder if we do have some strength in numbers to get some stuff done against corruption and shitty police officers. In the past 5 months there was morro bay, olmos Park, and Leon valley. So things certainly aren’t getting any better. They aren’t ‘investigating’ anything. They also make so much red tape with so called investigations that they know half the people will get annoyed and not follow through. Rather than them just looking at certain videos realizing how poorly they’re treating citizens and how they’re violating policy. Also, YouTube is still taking YouTube videos down. One of the phone call videos was taken down.

  5. So Internal Affairs is now in knowledge of a you tube video that alleges misconduct but they cannot act without a written and signed complaint?

  6. Damn dude…you’re seriously calling out of state police departments to file complaints. You and the rest of the people on this thread need to get a life.

  7. Is it just me or are 75% of these 1st amendment fails coming out of Texas? That song "Amarillo by morning" ,needs to be changed to "Amarillo by morning ,BRING BAIL"!

  8. shit 4 red bulls becarefull im a green monster guy my self ill drink those like water good calls good info im on my ph calling everyone needs to be involved we the people are powerfull lets show them we stand as onev

  9. just so folks are aware, unions negotiate into the contracts how the complaint process works, including but not limited to items like the original party must be the one who files the complaint in order to punish the officer at a certain level, otherwise in many instances the only recourse is a verbal coaching, per the negotiated contract… this is why its so critical to follow through with complaints, so they can't beat the issue on "technicalities" where the contracts protect the officers from accountability, and this isn't just police unions being the problem, its the POLITICIANS who approve the contracts in exchange for votes… so the problem is not just the union contracts, but the mayors and councilmen who approve these contracts… P.S. the woman who said the information is safe and secure and won't be given out tothe rest of the department, she is WRONG because every department contract I have reviewed gives YOUR information directly to the officer you filed the complaint on, as part of that negotiated contract, its part of their right to know and confront their accuser, basically to run checks and attack their character, its why so many complaints fall on deaf ears, because they attack you for daring to stand up to them…

  10. Just a suggestion you're doing a great job but I'd lay low from the Red Bull one person already had a heart attack by drinking two or three of them.

  11. AND that my friends is what happens when are wearing costumes and not uniforms.
    Like a bad student ……..the Police are getting an D for dunce with the public that just said in a survey we HATE/FEAR them .
    50% of the citizens or 155 million people.
    If you have 155 haters that wish you dead then bad things will and have happened in these times.
    The Police keep quoting to photographers " IN THESE TIMES " but it is self fulfilling when YOU the cop are shinning lights in eyes,not following the law,refusing to ID as per policy and being a jack ass when no one is breaking the law.
    If internal affairs sticks their head up their ass in most cases then it's the wild west because that 50% is like a heat gauge on your car and the engine will blow.

  12. So it's not illegal to record someone on the phone without telling them? I get confused on the broken english of the law so I was under the impression that it was wiretapping

  13. Hey Johnny 5.0 I was up late and watching the 1971 movie Billy Jack. There's a clip in the movie that Billy Jack says ( That when the police break the law then there is now law ) I am not sure if you can use clips from movies but it sure fits these clowns in Dallas too a Tee. I watch all you guys about 12 or so you all do a great job. just be careful out there. Also hit them hard in numbers next time………..B.Y.E.  ( BackYardEntertainment )

  14. Get a P.O. box so residence address isn’t the same as your mailing address. You can give them the P.O. box mail address.

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