49 thoughts on “Phone call COPPELL TX in reference to News Now’s illegal detainment

  1. You would think that a police parking lot should be a great SAFE place to stretch! He gave you jogging and stretching recommendations, how funny.

  2. Your a complete idiot. You claim your a resident of “Cop- pal and middle of night jogger. First if you live in the community you should know how to pronounce the city’s name correctly. You would also know about the city’s large, well lit jogging/bike paths regardless if you jog day or night. As well if you don’t know common logic such as running in middle of night, basic things as looking out for your own safety, maybe have a keychain mace in your hand, in case of wild animals or people, maybe stay up and eat chips on your couch watching old episodes of Forensic files as they are on all night would serve your insomnia issues.
    Ur such a fitness buff u need to know where to stretch safely? How bout stretch in the safety of your own home before jogging? If you need to get pertinent info on where your safest place to stretch and jog in middle of the night are I can’t even get my brain to go that low! Have u ever heard of 24 hr fitness gym? Open 24/7, fully staffed and as buff and athletic as you are sure u won’t need a personal trainer. As far as stretching in police parking lot, good idea, as police won’t be hanging out there they are in community looking for criminals/joggers, that are in dark alleys looking for idiots like you who are jogging/walking around in the middle of the night casing homes, breaking into cars, etc.
    It really hurts my brain to see somebody like you, videoing yourself, calling and being so freaking ridiculous! Officers aren’t known to sit in police parking lot waiting for crime to break out there.
    They are out in the community looking for midnight joggers in dark clothes, dark alleys Jogging in dark calleys and all other crimes that usually don’t occur in the police department parking lot!

  3. Lol your pretty funny. I’m dealing with chronic depression(waiting for treatment) and your videos are a breath of fresh air right now.

  4. Don't quite see the purpose of these calls. .I mean I get it .but ..I guess for entertainment purposes only..Patrick your welcome? For what? …whatever. …and I expect This to be deleted…. I have donated money to you guys. .I get what your doing and support it..but these phone calls do nothing

  5. Coppell police department has rallied the troups because their Facebook review ratings were taking a dive. They got a whole bunch of new 5 stars today.

  6. You are gold with these calls, in my humble opinion.
    When does the east coast 1 amendment audit/call flood/comedy tour begin?
    They need a thousand like you out there causing awareness, with an occasional chuckle thrown in to keep it fun.

  7. Maybe the approach is "I was planning to bring a group of Cub Scouts who love photography for a tour of your station. I'd like to tell the parents how many we can expect to be shot and how many will just be handcuffed and illegally searched."

  8. Good that the municipality’s name is included in the title   Real Estate agents/brokers have a disproportionate political influence and they know that customers do internet searches for properties they are considering.  People don't like to invest in communities that have "problem" police. Having realtors interrupt the municipal managers chamber of commerce breakfast will do more to change things than paying out damages and settlements. 


  10. Are these trails nice and secluded for my safety?
    Should I carry several different wallets with cash in case there are multiple muggers hiding in the bushes? I wouldn't want to leave anyone empty-handed in case several individuals were on the trail hoping to rob me; since you don't think the police department parking lot is a good choice for a safe place to exercise.

    It would be hilarious for as many people as possible to dress like Richard Simmons tomorrow morning at 3 and workout in the parking lot, under the lights next to their SAFE ZONE signs.
    Well, for most of us, dressing like Richard Simmons might look strange … might look normal for you Johnny ROTFLAO!

  11. I thought that you should have said you was looking for a safe place for your stretching and now your concerned that now even the police parking lot is safe.

  12. Hey J5-O, I think you’ve found your niche…you carved out a tiny corner in the Audit world by filming your interaction with horrible police information officers and their often pathetic responses to legitimate complaints….Bravo, sir. Love the originality aspect…and you NEVER have to leave the comforts of home!

  13. Hey Johnny Five 0 – I just was reading on Palm Springs Police Department's Facebook page a post stating information about officer Burton being the one who was actually in direct contact with the murderer who killed the two colleagues on that unfortunate October day in 2016. While still his actions with CNN were clearly wrong, it seems evident that CNN was standing there talking about a bad subject matter right out of the gate to a person who has deep scars from that particular encounter. With this knowledge- would it be wise if you to contact CNN to let him know about this then re-evaluate the whole scope of the matter. I feel horrible about this & the pain this department is experiencing

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