Peaceful Beach Protesters Arrested for ULTIMATE Defiance: Speaking the TRUTH and Walking a Dog

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32 thoughts on “Peaceful Beach Protesters Arrested for ULTIMATE Defiance: Speaking the TRUTH and Walking a Dog

  1. If there is a law signed into law in California by Gavin Newsom stating that all children on their tenth birthday are to be picked up and sent to a gender reassingment clinic, those brave heroes in blue will step up, bravely protect their paychecks and pensions, and hold you at gunpoint as they beat your wife senseless and drag your screaming child from her arms.

  2. Some fine work you UnAmerican rights violating Tyrants are doing out there in CA! Do Better!

    Oh look! Rather than being Professional and admitting wrongdoing to the community these Tyrants have instead chosen to double down and remove the public’s ability to voice concerns about their bad behavior on their public Facebook page! Wow! Even more amazingly shameful!

    Do Better!

  3. May 1 2023 we the people take back all government offices and remover the members of Congress and the Senate and replace them with people who are there to serve and protect the citizens of the USA and remove all unlawful people from the USA and Joe Biden kameltoe Harris and Nancy pollution chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell as well as 380 others will be hung for treason and then the people who take office will be sworn in they will swear an oath to SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION not attack and dismantle it also the government will stop paying for those who simply refuse to work for a living collage will not be needed because schools will teach job related skills and no child will be indoctrinated with false information about a man getting pregnant or a man can be a woman true facts are what will be taught in school and men will use the man's room criminals will face charges and serious punishment for there actions and killers will be killed not pampered for the next 50 years and medical treatment will be given to those who haven't been sent to prison not something we have to pay for there very existence

  4. Could you please read COTUS and tell me where it confers a right on government? Police officer's rights exist between them and their employer.

  5. The bravery of that cop, sticking his grubby hands all over and inside that victim of tyranny, gloveless, without asking if there is anything that could stab him and, without consent. Unwanted touch is sexual harassment.

  6. Crooked cops. Muted microphones are withholding evidence. Police should never have possession of their video footage as they frequently delete or edit it. Abolish qualified immunity.

  7. Why do cops all go back to the station and finger each other’s b-holes on the tax payers dollar? If they kill someone I heard the whole force gets called and they all go to town on each other’s b-holes fingers and tongues.

  8. You said the word. Scam. My fear, in the future, is that I will be called on to help repopulate the earth. I'm 60, be gentle on me, but I will do my part, for humanity. HNY bro, your work this year has been simply put, outstanding..

  9. First I am going to mention that NOT EVERYONE THAT WATCHES THESE CHANNELS IS A RETURDICAN! If you want to be a political channel please let me know and I will go. In fact, the reason that I watch these channels is BECAUSE THERE ARE, NO STRIKE THAT, WAS NO POLITICAL BENT! ANYONE, that can should do it! Democrat OR Returdican! After all, if you can get elected to Congress by lying about EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, Meet your NEXT CONGRESSMAN! Sh!t, I did sales and marketing for almost 30 yrs, and I was a first class liar BEFORE THAT! What's that? I can only do it with MAGA loving RETURDICANS….. THAT'S where I draw the line! Lmao

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