41 thoughts on “Park City Utah TYRANT ALERT – Kid Stands Up To Badged Bullies

  1. "Right now your under arrest for resisting arrest"…lol! Its like cops have a bubble around them. The anyone in that bubble does not have any rights.

  2. Wow what a big man threating a child…he would have had his balls rammed down his throat and 💩 them out for breakfast if he spoke to my bairn like that.

  3. They are threatening and about to assault a child this gang is ruthless 10$ says they'd shoot the kid in the back while hes on the ground

  4. So, the police is preventing a law abiding minor to enter the PRIVATE PROPERTY of his parents and threaten to put him down "face first" ? Those guys are so high on their power trip that they can't even recognize the most blatant criminal acts they are perpetrating even against children which could get them into major legal troubles.

  5. Utah has the most corrupt cops i have ever seen are people from utah so stupid as to let them get away with anything they want to do to people fucking gangsters…

  6. You would think by now after years of exposing countless law enforcements criminal behaviour ranging all the way from harassment to down right murder that something if anything would be done, granted we all know that the powers that be wish for this shit to continue it seems to me that a much more aggressive approach may be required trying to solve it diplomatically just seems to play right into their hands!

  7. Wow, if police would act like that here in Germany, they would be fired immediately! looks like Americans are nowadays prisoners in there own “free great country”. Very sad…

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