42 thoughts on “Orlando cop flees from deputy – gets charged. 😂 #police #cops #orlandopolice

  1. The officer was arrested on a multitude of felonies & "relieved of duty" while an internal investigation…

  2. The sheriff is an elected official to uphold the constitution and is also supposed to be your state militia. Police officers are city policy officers the actually are just to make sure you follow state policy

  3. It is sad when we need police to police the police. 😢 what a joke! If that's would have been a civilian that interaction would have been totally different.

  4. Breathtaking arrogance. He needs to be fired before he kills someone out of sheer ego driven living. Sick.

  5. Why didnt he step in front of the car and shoot him ? Thats what they would do to you… O you had the tag number on the car? Yep so do the rest of us double standard for shure… Is that cop's life worth more than the servs? Guess so..

  6. I would love to see the full video. But I doubt there is one. Since it cut when he pulled off which means he got a pass. So in all terms. Cops can do what we can't and get away with it whilst if we went 100 in a 45. 20 over is automatic jail right and they take ur lisence!?!? Show proof he got locked up or something

  7. To the bad cops: a VERY special place in hell is being reserved for your punishment for all the pure evil you’ve levied on your victims. To the good cops we say thank you for your service and commitment. This whole Blue line cop gang thing reminds us of the cops cowering in the hallway at Uvalde when 19 babies were slaughtered along with two teachers. These guys have the same mentality and are worried ONLY about cop safety!(Top 25 MOST dangerous jobs in the USA: #5 is crossing guards and #25 are cops) more than public safety and at $100+ grand a year they should have higher priorities, pass psychological Testing and try to locate a moral compass!

  8. What if one of us ( citizens) told him NO and just drove off, all the other cop did is tell the teacher, yeah i know he's in a little trouble, he'll have another job two counties over. Unreal.

  9. Doesn't matter. That sheriff would have shot a regular man for getting back into his vehicle after being stopped. No dead cop so both are still bad cops

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