1. There are so many memorable “in audit” quotes, but my favorite has to be “IS THIS YOUR FIRST DAY ON THE JOB OR YOUR LAST?”
    So very funny if directed towards a particularly aggressive douchebag PIG.
    Ordering a t-shirt soon, johnny five o…

  2. Can’t order an in the neck mug, I emailed cafe express and they said it was blocked by the legal team for copyright reasons

  3. Quit giving your money to these fake preachers patriots and show your support where it truly counts! Can't wait to get something! Thank you sir..

  4. Dammit, I wish I could remember the one funniest statement you ever made. But I couldn't stop laughing at it? I think it's from the Bee Sting Face video, but maybe not?

  5. You should make a shirt so you’ll always have “ID” you.

    Small J5O on front directly under center of the hole you insert your noggin through. On the back, and if you didn’t see it coming with that lead in, ya need help. Back to what’s going on your back, in a very large PT., just the letters I.D.

    Never leave home without it. In fact, put it on the back of a couple of best sellers!

    Second shirt has: Did I tell you?

    On reverse: Then you didn’t need to know.

    For when cops or nosy nates/natalies ask you what ya doing?

    Then turn around and let them read it.

  6. After today you need to have a torch one. Torch War 2019. I fought for freedom in the 2019 Torch War. Mine's brighter than yours (add a graphic of a torch). And what about a cam back one. Oh oh Cam back. Hold it this way it takes a better photo.

  7. Honor your oath is my favorite one thank you and congratulations Johnny so happy for you also the Ohio Department you called today they're only an hour from me maybe I'll have to pay them a visit LOL with the new shirt

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