20 thoughts on “Officers childres Alabama arrest man while taking care of his neighbors home

  1. I am not even from the states and my English is not even that good, but even I know about the ARS. It's suspicious OF a CRIME, being suspicious is not a crime whatsoever and the pigs can't detain people for being suspicious. I'm is happy i don't live in the states with these pigs all over not knowing how to do their job.

  2. interesting how the guy says "your making us all look bad" no one can make anyone look bad PIG'S ARE ALL BAD NOTHING THEY DO HAS ANY LAWFUL BACKING OR STANDING OR RELATION WITH THE CONSTITUTION, ALMOST EVERTHING THEY DO IS AGAINST THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND , "NOTHING" even the existence of "LAW ENFORCMENT" is UNCONSTITUTIONAL the only legal entity able to operate in America in that capacity is "ELECTED SHERRIFS, AND THEIR APOINTED DEPUTIES" all this bullcrap of gimi ID, pulling people over for speeding, lights out, wrong lane change, or any other CRAP no victim no crime it's all evil and against the SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND, THE FU(KING CONSTITUTION,….. WAKE THE FU(K UP PEOPLE

  3. I think cops and da’s and judges take on the attitude that even when they do something wrong, they have to beat the person to the charges and try to reestablish that they are in control.

    So, if you think the person has a case you still charge them with something and hope to use it as leverage against them to make them not pursue anything further.

    You can almost guarantee that you’re going to lose at the local level and that you are going to have to spend time and money to go further.
    The system is corrupt.

  4. Remove Qualified Immunity, Mandate Personal Insurance for Officers, Degree in Constitutional LAW required for a job in LAW enforcement. DEMILITARIZE the police is a must. Change will happen if this is done. 👍🏼

  5. They all say, if they would've just given us his name, and we all know, and so do they, that that wouldn't be the end of it, there would be more questions leading to the say outcome.

  6. I love how they offer up everything for the lawyer to do his job. Most police don’t talk about the crimes they just committed. These guys clearly showed ignorance of the law.

    Also love how when the neighbor told them they started defending their actions like she was wondering why they would do that. She sounded high and was like oook idk why you’re telling me.

  7. There are millions upon millions of people, including US citizens, who would never want to live in the USA because of the absolutely stupidity of law enforcement. Land of the free…….Bahahahaha! Your country is broken.

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