Officer John Smyly Throws a Temper Tantrum And Pretends He’s Scared To Excuse Pulling A Gun

John Smyly, a former Boulder Colorado Police officer detains a man, Zayde Atkinson with no RAS. When he refuses to ID the way the cop wants him to, John Smyly escalates the situation. He tries to make his victim sit like a dog, for no reason other than to assert dominance over him. When Zayde Atkinson refuses, Smyly threatens to tase him. When Zayde continues to refuse to be John Smyly’s b****, Smyly brandished a fire arm to try to further intimidate his victim into compliance. The man he tried to bully and intimidate, Zayde Atkinson, NEVER gave in. Smyly was allowed to resign, and is likely working for another department at this time. If you know what department Smyly is working it, please email that information to, so I can publicly publish that information, warning potential new victims.

ID Refusal by Boulder Colorado man, Zayde Atkinson results in threats and officer John Smyly brandishing a fire arm.

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28 thoughts on “Officer John Smyly Throws a Temper Tantrum And Pretends He’s Scared To Excuse Pulling A Gun

  1. Officer John Smyly was allowed to resign. He is likely employed at a different police department at this time. If you have information about the department Smyly is working for now, please email the information to, so I can publish it, warning potential new victims of his presence.

    The city offered to settle with Atkinson for $125,000. A settlement was reached, but the exact agreement is unknown.

  2. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, he remained an official employee of the city's police department until February 2020 as a result of vacation time, administrative leave and sick days he'd collected prior to his supposed exit. Moreover, he was hired in January for what the paper described as "a two-year term position as a civilian training and development coordinator" in the computer support department of the Boulder County Sheriff's Office.

  3. Does anyone have the stats on cops killed with a long reach gripper ? Escalation tactics taught in cop school. The word "Dumbass" triggered this thug cop. His ego took over and almost caused this citizen to be killed. Then comes the cop word they all love to use,, "comply". "The police are telling you to do something". This alone should be cause for the cop to be fired. The cop becomes more assertive when his Blue Line Brothers appear. His brothers took the same training so the thug knows they will blindly back up whatever he says. Every cop on scene should be fired. "That's no t how it works".. cop talk for I get what I want or you go to jail. What a complete JOKE of an officer

  4. Does anyone know if this guy sued the officer or the department? I have to say, if this happened to me I would be furious if the police force did not pay compensation for this illegal detainment!

  5. If I were a cop, which will never happen, and I were one of the policemen that later showed up, I would've had the courage to speak up and say, "This is stupid let's leave this guy alone", but none of them have the backbone to do so.

  6. Sorry, but this cop is a special kind of stupid! His ego won’t let him recognize the huge mistake he has made. He has his ID, he knows he lives here, but his undeserved sense of importance will not let him admit, even to himself, his glaring mistake. I really hope this man lodged a complaint and that the police force did the right thing and fired this guy.

  7. What is up with all of these videos coming up as 5 hours ago, and they are months, or years old? I get tired of getting dupped into watching an old video that has been around the block many times.

  8. Do police in the U.S. have the right to ID people who are obviously working on a property? Honestly, I have watched this 3 different times and I am still stunned by the stupidity of this officer. He should have been immediately fired and I hope that happened, but probably not. It seems that the U.S. police forces like their cops dumb!

  9. I am so glad this is still going strong. We will NEVER let these assholes forget what they have done here. John Smyly is going to have to REMEMBER what he has done for the rest of his life because WE will never let him forget it.

  10. It is unacceptable that there isn't a lawsuit and criminal charges. Listen to this tyrant who thinks police have absolute authority. People, this is a real danger when misconduct goes unaddressed.

  11. Typical cop over stepping their jurisdiction! Just assume every one is bad and breaking laws. Yet , citizens can’t refuse police orders on the biases that cops are crooked corrupt and vindictive

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