Officer Allen With Mesa Police Exposed As A Predator!

James Freeman does first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. Since Live PD and Cops was cancelled, James Freeman does LIVE STREAMING COP WATCHES. It’s like Live PD, except actually live, and without the “cops can do no wrong” bias.

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46 thoughts on “Officer Allen With Mesa Police Exposed As A Predator!

  1. If she is a public servant you can find out through FOIA request and if she on the government welfare job then she should get fired for not identifying herself when asked to do so. Government has to be 100% transparent no more of this secret government bullshit

  2. Have your car taken to the driveway of your home…I did when I wrecked into a creek 30 ft below..yes, I sued the city of Dallas for poor lightning and no reduction in speed limit signs.🙋‍♀️❤️🤗

  3. I'm an animal Activist/ Advocate on my pages in Facebook but when I share these videos about Tyrants I seem to lose's ok!! I don't want BOOTLICKERS on my pages!!!

  4. Yes shes a Social Worker, & you do know she is more of a Monster ANY Cop can will or has been, don't you? She has the power to completely destroy a persons life through state intervention policies and state law. She is part of the new world order. They have been using Social Workers in Australia, the UK and New Zealand for 5 years now. They are NOT your friends!

  5. ATTENTION! EXCESSIVE BAIL during covid-19 lockdown 6-27-2020. Domestic Terrorist Chief Richard L. Hileman II committed 116 counts of VERBAL EXCESSIVE FORCE" before he committed 4 counts of "POLICE BRUTALITY". I had no legal obligation to produce my Identification at any time during this complete interaction. My actions were protected by the 4th, 5th, and 9th Amendments. He was violating all of them from the first second.

    WHO CAN HELP ME TO HELP AMERICA? EVERYONE PLEASE come visit my channel and promote my channel showing Police Brutality upon me,–sk I need these videos to go viral so, please help me to help all of us by supporting and promoting my channel to expose these "DOMESTIC TERRORISTS" that are working for us. "We the People" expect the government agents that we support with our taxes to be honest, trustworthy, and to obey the laws of the Constitution. After all that is their only real job to do. Hold the piece between the People, not to steal from the People by lying, cheating and creating a dispute when there were no victims involved.

    Thank you all for visiting, liking, commenting your honest feelings about what you just saw, subscribing with notification bell activated to keep updated, sharing with all of your friends, family and every other human being that you may know. Thank you for your time and concern for our country's future. PLEASE READ THE 5 PINNED COMMETS AT THE TOP OF MY COMMENTS SECTION FOR THE FACTS, INCLUDING ALL CHARGES AND ALL MY COUNTERS TO THOSE CHARGES IN THEIR SAME STATUTES!! Sincerely, Ron.

  6. Cops trying to act like detectives
    Manage the carriers on the road. Tax the corporations for profiting from our business.
    That's how it's supposed to be setup
    Carriers are automobiles that are transporting goods or services
    We are free to travel
    Tax the corporations, they can afford that shit

  7. Public has been deemed "the enemy" by our subverted government. Any and all police interaction is too detain, arrest, or financial rob Mr and Ms America.

  8. "Can I get permission for my sister to get things out of the vehicle?" <———They can't stop you. It's her property. Why the heck would you ask that question bro.

  9. You can tell that the cops are really pissed off about the cameras being their recording there every move they are not to happy

  10. Democrats hate big corrupt cops, but somehow they don’t associate the unnecessarily large and corrupt police force with the larger government that they support… 🤷

  11. Police officer’s job is to carry out their duties and there is no need to applaud them or lick their boots just cuz they did what are are being paid for. Nobody applauds cashiers at Walmart.

  12. The only thing DUMBER than your video is listening to you explain what needs to be done.
    So here is my thoughts.
    I hope one day you need this ' Tyrant ' as you call him because you are in need of Police Aid.
    I hope he is busy as every other defunded officer is and you don't get any assistance… or in the future.
    You take care…Keep your video camera or safety blanket close by your side.

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