Off Duty Cop Caught Attacking On Half A Dozen Cameras

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41 thoughts on “Off Duty Cop Caught Attacking On Half A Dozen Cameras

  1. I wouldn't have let some fat douchebag like that push anybody around, he would have been under citizen's arrest crying for his mama and pissing his panties! He is definitely an inbred piece of crap!

  2. James we're not standing with these people.
    Southern state's fought for Right's not Yankee Lincoln lover's.
    This guy is not Southern.
    He's a Pinkerton.

  3. I wish I were there, somebody would have got a ass whooping and it wouldn’t have been me. I like fat boys that think they are tough but they are only fat and slow. Would have been a great time and worth a few days in jail maybe.

  4. Yes this guy was clearly in the wrong but blanket statements regarding police, or anyone, are pernicious at best. There are incompetent and corrupt people in all professions. There are also many good ones. The actions of this individual should be brought to light, but there are many many good officers and duplicitously acting like there isn't helps nobody.

  5. Kansas is a different planet. Work with guy, invited me to his house. Had pics on walls of his wife naked as jaybird. Kinda looked like jaybird.

  6. That’s a funny statement right out the gate! Someone saying they support police but not criminals. I’ll say it how it should be said! I don’t support police because they are criminals! I have police in my family and I ride their ass because of their criminal activity! Of course, since they belong to the blue line gang, they are never charged with their crimes!

  7. Big Huey is just a big fat slob that's a huge bully. He looks like 400lbs of chewed bubble gum. These are the types of scumbags they hire. Violent criminals. He committed multiple crimes, off duty, on video with numerous witnesses. I mean what in the actual fck?! This slob needs to get charged and fired.

  8. Your comments were funny. I hope he isn't a cop because he is nothing but a loud mouth bully. He certainly has a God complex. I hope the guy sues him good. He needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

  9. So many like him with a tin badge only ready to hurt people. And from the top to the bottom they are this I hate you scumbags.

  10. So here's some interesting news jacob cane has not been A police officer at stuggert Police department when this video was made. He was not even in-law enforcement. He made that comment about being a licensed law enforcement officer as a form of intimidation. he has been out of law enforcement since before this video went viral.

  11. It is 2023, how are there still people who do not understand that you can have NO expectation of privacy when you are in a public setting? That there are still people who believe you cant take such pictures without permission dumbfounds me

  12. If a cop, off duty or not, we’re to say to me “I’ll knock you out!”. I’d tell, try it, but I WILL defend myself against your attack, and you MAY not be alive after I do.

  13. I kept saying to myself, why does that dude keep saying he doesn't have any pics of him? Doesn't matter if he did.

  14. James freeman is like Batman to me…..watching the watchers, he was the very 1st auditor I seen like 10 years ago….never seen someone cuss out a policeman before and completely changed my mindset on cops, I don’t think all are bad but I definitely don’t blindly give them respect anymore

  15. That big hunk the lard ain't nothing but all mouth he couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper sack he's just big and use that mouth and he knows that and there's no way in hell he should be a police officer

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