New Mexico Governor VIOLATES FEDERAL RESTRAINING ORDER – Amended Her No G()ns Public Health Order

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37 thoughts on “New Mexico Governor VIOLATES FEDERAL RESTRAINING ORDER – Amended Her No G()ns Public Health Order

  1. you are 100💯 right government of New Mexico needs to be in jail for breaking the law I hope 🤞 people of New Mexico never vote for democrat in Office we need a new leader who can do the right things for the we people we need a republican become next new government of New Mexico we are so tired of democrats lying

  2. Thanks for the update cant wait to see what stupid things dictator i mean governor Grisham does next she really is dangerous and should not be governor or have any kind of power whatsoever .. she should definitely be charged with at least violating the TRO with her amdended bullshit health order and for violating the 2 amendment most importantly… i mean who does she think she is honestly people like her are who our founding fathers warned us about and she must be stopped

  3. She is a Democrat and a Democrat is a dictator. The whole Democratic party are criminals that hate Constitution. The Constitution should limit their power but they don't care. The Judges that should put a stop to their corruption are now part of the problem and become a reinforcement tool of the Democrats.

  4. This is what can happen!
    Don’t like smoking…..Ban it with public health order.
    Don’t like motor bike riders…… Ban it with public health order.
    People getting to fat……….Ban sugar with a public health order.
    People drinking to much…..Ban alcohol with a public health .
    Don’t like people eating meat……Ban it with a public health order.
    Two months ago you would say I am being ridiculous. Not so silly now.

  5. I do not live in your state but I am with you 1000 percent, if she gets away with it there then who's next. What other tyrant wanna be dictator is going to say "well she did it there, why can't I do it here" and it will end up being the domino effect until the 2nd amendment is destroyed, and when they succeed in removing the 2nd which of the peoples rights is next? And they will not stop until America becomes a communist controlled country controlled by tyrants and patrolled by bloodthirsty stormtroopers, with no constitution at all to keep them in check

  6. A good military tactic is to disarm your enemies. It's obvious they consider those who hold onto their Rights their enemies. They're at war with The People. That's why the Police FORCE has been militarized. From Titles like "Sargent" & Lieutenant", to The actual gear they use. Now they want to take our means of defense (2nd Amendment) so they can walk all over us, literally and physically. I think someone is smoking the same thing German leaders used to…

  7. Shell never serve time! Shes there puppet, She's testing the waters for everyone too see if America will obey. Brand obey sounds like Programming to me just saying hell if i know lol🤣🤣

  8. I really hope she gets her way.
    I eagerly await the day your defenseless city is descended upon by thieves, rapists, murderers. Anybody that arms themselves will be punished worse than the actual criminals.
    Mad Max beyond Thunderdome in NM!

  9. You need to tell these system controllers to get back to human not Cyborgs Codes. Yeah i agree they block and imprison us. OLD SAYING WHATS GOOD GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE SYSTEM GANDERER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 TELL THEM NOT TO DROP THE SYSTEM SOAP 😳

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