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By phillyfinest369


41 thoughts on “New Mexico Governor Gets Spanked Again”
  1. 0:04 Did she say “dictate” or “tate dic”? I’m dyslexic and occasionally perceive things differently, though at times my misperceptions can be incredibly accurate in the sense of the bigger picture. You know what I mean?

  2. MR FREEMAN, have an idea, get a list of names of a police dept known for corruption, get a copy of a complaint form, make a big stack, place a small chair and sit with a sign, FREE COMPLAINT FORMS, here is the list of officers you can complain about.
    Set 2 or 3 hidden cams to see the show. Sit relax and enjoy. Just idea.

  3. So you still can't carry in parks/playgrounds and the general edict was just replaced by a temporary injunction.

    People calling the gradual chipping away of their rights "wins" is really beginning to get old. You're all going to lose in the end thinking you were winning the entire time. What a joke this country has become.

  4. Fuckinggg idiots. Dictate means to have authority to do something and the actions needed.

    You are a frauditor that has never won a lolsuit. You DICTATEd that because you dont understand how the USC works.

  5. What is it with these auditors and their obsession with replaying short clips three times? Is the typical auditor fangirl so stupid that auditors know if they have to be spoon-fed material, else their tiny, undisciplined minds would fail to pick it up? The Lord Privy Seal film-making technique is so tired.

    For those who don't know, a 'Lord Privy Seal' edit is a kind of edit that is done by incompetent, talentless, low-grade video editors. The name of this is derived from an editing technique that would invariably accompany a reference to he Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, one of the Great Officers of State. That person is informally just called Lord Privy Seal. Anyway, the edit that would always accompany a reference to that officer by these dreadfully useless editors is the display of a three photograph sequence that would depict a picture of a lord, a picture of a privy (a toilet) and then a picture of a seal.

    It's more generically a reference to a retarded video editor's over-egging of the pudding by way of making an edit that dramatically breaks up the flow of a video to exaggeratedly highlight a point the film-maker wants to make sure the audience can't miss even though the thing is already so extremely obvious that no mentally competent person could possibly miss it in the first place. That is, the film-maker acts in a fashion that evidences his belief that the sort of audience member to which his work appeals is a person with a substantially below average IQ. He treats his audience like it's entirely made up of retarded people because he believes that the primary common attribute of his audience is mental retardation.

    Anyone who does it to you is showing just how low an opinion he has of you. You should respond accordingly. But, of course, the auditing devotees continue to reward someone who treats them as though they're retarded. So, in a roundabout sort of way, in the auditing community at least, the reaction of the audience shows that such auditors really know their audience. And treating them like retards is effective precisely because they are, in point of fact, retards.

  6. Wow she just admits that she is a Dictator , what a sick Human being she is .

    The only people this hurts is the citizens who have legal firearms , not the criminals .

    This is a way to disarm law Abiding Citozens the Right to defend themselves !

    Does she think we live in Nazi Germany !

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