New Florida Bill Makes Recording In Public Illegal

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45 thoughts on “New Florida Bill Makes Recording In Public Illegal

  1. Garbage 'law' passed by idiots that aren't Americans. This will be challenged and struck down just as quick. Cities and states should have to pay $1 million for every unconstitutional 'law' they pass. And if the city attorney checked off on this law he needs to be fired.

  2. Democrat rule of thumb, its not everyone they try to conform to tyranny but for those that do listen to them, they are the few they concentrate on…😵‍💫

  3. What a surprise a cop misinterpreting the law for them to try and use it to arrest you this law doesn't make recording in public illegal. The legislators can't be that stupid to try and ban public photography any first year lost student knows that's unconstitutional

  4. Go on private property so I can truspass you and if you don't i will arrest you for unconstitutional law !!! notice how he wont talk to the one that knows the constitution !What a piece of crap

  5. someone has to take the arrest on a chin for us to challenge this. ive know about this upcoming statue for months this is the first instance of seeing thugs use it though

  6. If they bill is actually passed & people are actually being arrested for filming in public, I would wholeheartedly encourage everyone who has a smart phone or some sort of a recording device to go out & film every traffic stop they come across. Bankrupt the county so they can wake up & stop being stupid. Pass stupid laws & pay stupid prizes.

  7. Lol so everyone should pull all their oaths of office and bonds threw foia all at ounce and watch them flip out if they give you shit tell them the sheriff you removed from office last week will be glad to serve my torts after he as well was dog walked into compliance ignorance of the law is no excuse so try me the look you will get will pucker buttholes or they get a ego either way never do it alone have a group know the law and read them and understand it trust me it's not just fun but it's the truth it's not up to us to sue it's up to the bonding companies if that oath was violated stop playing games with traitors these people had training so let their ignorance write checks their ass cant cash just gather all that first and you can get all the officials that passed that unconstitutional law and in most states if they fail to get you the bond you can remove them from office lol in person legally so read your rights most of the laws are on the side of we the people it just needs to be dog walked and fallowed to a tee after I found that out that all this is to intimidate using fear threw ignorance of the law my outlooks changed because we have the power all along

  8. Stop trying to reason with these clowns. Call them spineless little bitches for doing what they're told by a bigger stronger man rather than standing up for the constitution they swore to uphold.

  9. You really just don't get the b***** you watch do you. You actually thinks it's the stupid cops that are against you. You're a dumbass The cops only follow orders from the scumbags that you're too afraid to admit exist. You're a fool dude and then you try to blame me for your stupidity

  10. WTF!?!?!?!?!? I thought Florida/Desantis was the place to go if you want to be a free American?!?!?!? WTF IS THIS SHIT?!?!?!?

  11. I mentioned this new law to a friend of mine who lives in Florida, he commonly records what they would call stunt driving, he said it's not going to stop him and he will fight it if needed.
    Instead of fighting with reporters and spectators, the police should be catching the real criminals driving dangerously.

  12. "May not operate a motor vehicle for the purpose…."
    Preschoolers would understand this does not apply to anyone not operating the motor vehicle.
    These cops are retards.

  13. Can they be any more of a PIECE OF SHIT CORRUPT ASS HOLES, people is this the type of government official you want, do not wait for someone else to do something about it, let's START NOW, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of these TYRANTS wearing a police costume and a badge ORDERING PEOPLE AROUND WITHOUT CAUSE, just to satisfy their EGO and continue VIOLATING PEOPLES RIGHTS.

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