40 thoughts on “My chest hurts – well you had a CAR sitting on it!

  1. Firefighters : "Let me just just check your vitals make sure you're ok and we'll be on our way"
    Cops : "Let's do a press conference, pat each other on the back for a few hours, we're gonna need 3 metals of valor and paid week off for counseling and PTSD evaluation"

  2. James you did good with high lighting this one. I know most cops are civil right violating thugs, having said that, this is the type of videos we need to see more of. Makes the heart feel good. I know mine does.

  3. "Sir….sir…get out from underneath the car. Sir…Stop resisting……Stop resisting sir. If you don't get out from underneath the car right now, I will taze you."

  4. Great Video J.M.!!!!
    IT IS FINALLY GOOD TO SEE LEO's doing the job that the really signed up for….!!! AND EVEN THOUGH the Supreme Court has ruled that these LEO's have no real investment in our safety, protection or to serve in any of those areas … WELL DONE YOU to the police officers who saved a man from a very long, slow and painful mishap!!!
    *Though,* I do wonder that when working in a capacity of any thing OTHER THAN VACATIONING, do they wear shorts, a tee shirt and flip-flops with virtually NO ONE as a "buddy" or supporter system, just in case something exactly like this happens!!!! 🤔
    PEACE!!!!!!!!!! 🤘🏼

  5. I know the reason for it in this scenario, but it seems so Blue that a cop walks up to a guy trapped under his own car, and the first thing the cop says is, "What's you name?" I mean, in this day and age and after 911 I'm astonished that the cop didn't search him for "bombs, grenades or anything that can hurt me" before rendering aid. Too, if these were LA County Sheriffs, the first words would be, "Gimme a hundred bucks before the fire department gets here, homey, or I'm gonna cap your ass." I can just see the headlines now:
    Cop Shoots Man Armed With A Car

  6. The sad thought that comes to my mind is that I was raised in the sixties and back then I would have jumped right in to help out but now I would hesitate to do anything for fear of a lawsuit.

  7. See?!
    Only police can make themselves look good or bad. This day they happened to make themselves look good.
    Nice job pigs, you get a thank you

  8. a few things in play here
    1 – it's good to see paid public servants – serving the public.
    2 – the jack apparently didn't collapse – it slipped off the jack point. when the car is on top of you – it doesn't matter.
    3 – jacks collapse. I PERSONALLY BOUGHT jack stands for our maintenance shop because our jacks leak down – because when the car is on top of you – it doesn't matter.
    4 – why doesn't the person who called for help attempt to lift the car ?

  9. He's lucky they helped , But really , Bottle jack ? Darwin Award ? Chock the tires , Jack Stands and a secondary Safety stop just in case ! All's well that ends well

  10. dont trust your Jack alone, make sure the rims and or tires are reinforced with some like a, drive up jack cinder block or block of wood secured under tires/rims!

  11. A good story with a happy ending. This was a good example of public servants responding and helping their community. Always use jack stands and not a jack alone for work like this, and don't do it when you are home alone.

  12. The surface area of a bottle jack is tiny, I always use it only in combination with jack stands ,car jack or car tire . But nevermind that always chock you wheels and already have somewhat higher/thicker than your body in between you and the car, if you're working at home.

  13. I find it hilarious there are people who will go under a car not stabilized with Jack stands or solid objects.
    Darwin award here.

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