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  1. Food for thought there are 700,000 full time State, county ,city , piggys that dose not included detectives, DEA, FBI, Part time exct…..
    So If 700,000 cops arrest just 3 people a week that is 2,100,000 people arrested each and every week. That is a conservative number. 109,200,000 per year. Here is the question we need to be asking our selves are there really that many violent and or dangerous people we need to be segregating from from society each day month and year?

  2. Just curious why are the scanner channel's being encrypted isn't it public information? I remember my uncle and grandmother and a few other family members listen to the scanner all the time just wasn't sure why they started to block them.

  3. That a tough SUV to rear end someone and get absolutely no damage…hmmm maybe a lie. At 2:38 you can see the other side of the vehicle isn't damaged anywhere.

  4. It is so amazing that police officers feel they must lie to save their hypocritical image … "Yes, she hit the car …" Stupid clowns with guns and dangerous to the public …

  5. Hey James Freeman, I see that you're at doing as usual your educating and police watching. Great job James, we're with you. Your question about John Lamb and my answer is 1

  6. You need to come to Pennsylvania, check out fayette county, connellsville police in specific. You wanna see shady police. They are the definition.

  7. Great Job James!!!
    You really do alot in education and reporting and updating the Public with all of the TYRANTS, THUGS, and JACKBOOTS out here… And Someone you find BOOTLICKERS!!!
    But it's a great day when you find others that is also working for the cause!!!

    Thanks James!!!
    Keep on keeping on out there man!
    Be safe and Take Care!!! โœŒ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  8. Hey James Freeman can you guys check out muskogee Oklahoma cops are out here shooting people with no body cam footage and the little that they release has nothing that shows how it went down

  9. I'm from Aus couldn't help noticing as you moved to left driver saw you then I guess said something cause the law started having a sneaky look to his left to spot you ,oh & don't worry about pulling over to a safe place just in middle of the road will do lol

  10. He is a campus cop, he has no athority to preform traffic violations off campus. Montana highway patrol or sheriff or local cops are the only ones to perform traffic stops off campus. This campus cop broke the law. Montana highway patrol are corrupt

  11. See how fast he legged it away as soon as you mentioned the Corruption of the police fabricating stories. ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ–•

  12. I grew up in Montana. Most kids couldn't wait to be 12 and take Hunters Safety at school. Get their first deer rifle at 13…. I remember 6 of us w .22s, .410, somebody had a lever .30… all walking down Fox Farm rd when the Sheriff rolled up on us…. waived, said, "Howdy, boys!", and drove on. Nobody died. Common sense prevailed. Wasn't hardly a murder per year in the state, may or may not involve a firearm…. cops were as corrupt there and then as they are now but they werent likely to kill like they are now. Just another armed gang to be avoided….

  13. ATT: JAMES! ( PROOF FOR YOUR CASE ) – As I told Justin, IF PROSECUTING YOU, then they have to prosecute GOOGLE also. If you go to Google maps, their street view FUNCTION goes all the way UP TO THE ENTRY GATE! AND IT IS PUBLISHED ON THE INTERNET 3D FOR EVERYONE TO SEE & USE. I personally don't believe that they can enforce that as their property short of the point where they DO MARK it as base property, which is the gate. Regardless, on Google, you can use the STREET VIEW function to see that the Google van drove all the way to the gate while filming, filmed the entry point up close , in 3D and in better detail than anything YOU came close to. On Google Street View, if you drive all the way up to the gate & zoom in a little, you'll see they have an electric sign attached at the gate above the entrance that reads, "Welcome to Fort Huachuca, clearly labeling the gate as the boundry. They can't give clear indications that the property starts at the gate vis signage and lack thereof, then trick you & prosecute you for their deceptive signage. In addition, they have it on the internet for all the terrorists & spies to use in 3D & right up to the gate. So, how can they selectively prosecute YOU for FAR LESS. Is it a crime or not?

  14. Watching Democratic debate tonight, not one word on law enforcement corruption, or how police brutality is out of hand in this country, all they want to do is take away our guns , so only cops will have guns, my God can you imagine

  15. James, you need to be careful. Your going to walk up on some dirty cops selling evidence for profit and lose your life for it. Just a thought!

  16. Yeah I'm with ya on Ernie taking the kings fish I'm pisses every year I'm forced to get a permission slip from my "state" to go fishing !

  17. What does it take for the real masses to see what is going on? I see auditors with 100K subscribers, 10k, 60 k, yet seems the regular american has NO IDEA about the YouTube auditors and what is going on. Case in point, the idiot Joe whatever from Leon Valley, the majority of the community still backs him up! The people that back him up, are not idiots, are not bad people, they are just misinformed people, like I was up to about 4 months ago.

    Does anyone watch the new Discovery Investigation show, "Body Cams"? If you get a chance go find episode one, and look at the last incident. Guy walking down the highway, ends up pulling knife on cop and gets shot. Turns out he had fatally stabbed someone else 12 days prior to that. Well "el cubano" got 11 years for going after the cop with a knife, but wasn't criminal responsible for the killing of the man 12 days prior because he was suffering from a mental disorder. So WTF? People with mental disorder can kill other people but they can't attack a police officer?

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