Minnesota police tell Somalia American teens he was proud of black hawk down

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Minneapolis police department https://www.facebook.com/MinneapolisPoliceDepartment/

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Author: rafael.nieves


50 thoughts on “Minnesota police tell Somalia American teens he was proud of black hawk down

  1. Acting all tarf with your guns and badges and back up. Triple dare to talk and act like that with out your back up😂

  2. If these cops were up to snuff on their history, they would know that what happened in Mogadishu was a disaster and a failed mission. Those skinnies fkd us up and we had to tuck tail and run away. It was the French Foreign Legion that went in after us and cleaned house. As a former LRS soldier this is embarrassing. I've met Blackburn (the one who fell from the chopper) and I've met Legionairres from the 2eme Rep who had to go clean up our mess. Fk these cops thinking they are extracting some kind of revenge on our behalf. Its exactly the type of tyranny we fight against. Too bad the 2eme Rep can come here and clean this mess up too

  3. What a pathetic piece of trash. The sad part is he will be emboldened by being fired, and will further blame people of color for his self created plights. Bet this guy supports trump, with that open racism, it’s a sure bet

  4. –Utterly selective editing – you don't know what the vile little tufts were doing and saying – and because you are racists you don't care. Sticks and stones may break bones, but names will never hurt me. Calling people bad names is bullshit, it does nothing to anyone but a mental freak. TOUGHEN UP

  5. Disgusting human. How's does it feel knowing the whole internet knows what kind of person you are? Wonder if your family has problems due to your statements? That is, if they haven't already left you…..

  6. Means nothing, he moves to another city or town, and gets a job again as a LEO. Pointless actions by the typical Bacon Protection Agency.

  7. Rochester, MN has one of the greatest population of somalis around imported in by the Mayo clinic for genetic research they were given nice homes new cars and cash to help them out well all the houses look destroyed they roam around starting trouble and police in the city of Rochester won't do a thing to help everyone else out but dare to touch a somali and you get the court house thrown at you sounds fair right. I fear seeing relatives up there cause I'm not going to jail for defending myself

  8. I guarantee that the cop lied to investigators when they were looking into this but he wasn't charged like one of those black kids would be if they lied to cops.. he should be fined the amount he was paid during the investigation.. the one that only happened because the cops lied instead of telling the truth about what they did

  9. Police department does not care you heard the cop threaten the teenage kid or breaking his legs and doing whatever he wants cops like this are going to get good citizen hurt cops like this are going to cause the whole Police Department the get corrupt if they're not fired this type of cop is going to get good cops hurt bad cops like this do not deserve to have the badge or that costume on this is what causes cops to get hurt and die when cops do whatever they want and not by law this is why citizen I never ever going to care when a cop get hurt or when a cops dies when a cop acts like this and does whatever he want this cops needs to be fired immediately if this cop is not fired everybody in the whole state need to go to the police department and protest until these cops are fired or those going to get citizen hurt and killed they even said it in the recording they will kill anybody

  10. Racist cop like this should be targeted followed home address posted pictures of his personal car posted pictures of his family posted especially pictures of his kids posted on the dark web racist tyrant pigs like this should be shot and killed in front of their families no more bystander syndrome it is time to kill cops when they try to kill our own! 2021 is the year that these tyrant pigs are going to get what’s coming to them no more “Qualified Immunity” in the streets! ☠️🖕🏿🐷🔪

  11. Wow police are super speedy with there complaints process, lol like here in Aussie I was grabbed by 2 detectives whilst auditing with Nunya Bizness and held in wristlocks for 5 odd minutes until l gave identification against all protests well that the short version i put an complaint in to the misconduct unit which is the police investigating the police and no misconduct was found no surprise there, I ended up putting in a complaint of the officer who handled the complaint at the misconduct unit for finding no misconduct to an independent based agency we have here, the incident happened oct 2019 and the didnt just brush me under the carpet, the incident was reinvestigated still waiting on outcome I had to do a formal statement like 2 hours and also the officer who originally investigated the misconduct got alleged retraining and a mark on his permanent record lol…. I think they only relooked into it as I have an channel and they want to have a positive outcome being shown in the public eye…… who says im even going to disclose the outcome lol….what a f ordeal

  12. Lol most of the comments probably come from people who don’t live in Minneapolis. Somalians don’t take care of anything they are given. That is why most folks don’t like the fact they are here. Look at St. Cloud used to be a nice area now it isn’t. I’m not saying kick them out they are here. But look at both sides no just one side.

  13. How dare you, James Madison ! You continue to advocate for honest policing and here you have a first class example of honesty in the field. Make up your mind. These brave boys in blue facing what appear to be normal teen-agers but ARE NOT FOOLED ! And for the police Union to back these stalwart heroes is a testament to the blue line culture that only asks for our obedience. What a small price to pay for our security in this day and age.

  14. My husband is a veteran of the 25th Infantry Division (Light)
    Schofield Bks Hawaii 86

    I will wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Clinton pulled the 75th Ranger Battalion out before we could get a larger body count.
    Let us not forget that Adids men mutilated United States Solders bodies.
    Guess Minnesota is filled with skinnies

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