34 thoughts on “Marion Iowa Police Can’t Keep Their Narrative Straight

  1. What the actual "F" ?!?!? Was that the same officer that said he couldn't shut the door but then said he could? Sounds like it! Dayum! 🤣

  2. I live in Iowa, its very corrupt in all these small ass communities. I've been learning all i can from you and I'll be doimg my 1st audit soon. New police station cost us millions so I'm recording it to make sure my taxes went to the right place. I don't see the cost of over 2 million right for how small it is.

  3. Remember that the blue isis gestapo gang members are professional liars. Never open the door, and never talk to cops. They're not your friends.

  4. Criminals in costume proving there is no right they won't violate. Exactly why I no longer shed a tear when these departments take out the trash in a box.

  5. I see where the confusion is here for many of us.

    Just because the cop said "He can shut the door on us" doesn't mean the cops would just let him shut the down.

    But really the lesson here is don't open the door if a cop is knocking on it. It won't help you.

  6. More proof that we need to eliminate qualified immunity. If these were regular citizens they could've been shot for what they did. They should've been

  7. They can't even hear the words out of their own mouths let alone the thoughts in their head. All they hear from brainwashing is " Get ID find any way to arrest everyone. Be The Alpha. Always be ready to go hands on. If they are black they have pot. If they are white the have meth. Everyone has alcohol. Always use always use Obstruction Interference Resisting and Failure to ID" you just can't get a pig to talk like a human.

  8. Good to know your covering this, Im in Davenport Iowa and the blue line is out of control.

    Hell in this city they treat you like shit for parking 200 ft away from a traffic stop with 6 units for one man in one car.

    Fuck every last badge wearing piece of shit in the state of Iowa and since I know the government watches you Freeman I want to say personally fuck the short cut hair quota hire chief of police begging for more officers

    Scott County Iowa Sheriff's Office will blatantly threaten you with violence for telling them no I'm not obligated to give you my ID after they tell you no crime has been committed.

    I've been trying to get some other cop watchers to come here to the quad cities for years because they are completely out of control and I can't do it by myself as unfortunately I live on the poverty scale

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