Man Who Shot At Cops In Self Defense Faces No Charges

Pensacola Police Department
711 N Hayne St, Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 435-1900

A Pensacola Florida Swat team raided the home of Corey Marioneaux were shot at when they busted into the innocent man’s home while he was taking a nap with his 1 and 3 year old children. Nobody was injured in the home invasion by Pensacola police, but the police did arrest the father of 2 for attempting to defend his children against armed intruders. They charged him with 3 counts of attempted murder on a police officer, but a couple weeks ago after reviewing the evidence, prosecutors have declined to prosecute Marioneaux for defending his children against ruthless home intruders. While nobody was injured in the actual botched raid, police did take custody of the 1 and 3 year old child, and then later dropped the baby on his face on the concrete outside. Marioneaux and his wife intend to file a civil suit for the damages they suffered at the hands of the home intruders.

I reached out to the department to ask if they would continue to break into innocent people’s homes, knowing that they innocent are shooting back now. They declined to comment.

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42 thoughts on “Man Who Shot At Cops In Self Defense Faces No Charges

  1. This is a PERFECT example of #Black_Privilege = they hesitated killing him due to RACIAL divide = white dude wouldn't have made it thru the night ! Look up white Florida man lethal self-defense = convicted for DEFENDING himself against an attacker that knocked him to the ground because the attacker was #Black_Privilege man and BLM got involved ! the white man was ELDERLY arguing with the #Black_Privilege girlfriend of the THUG in question … white guy shot + killed him AFTER being knocked to the ground by HIM , Police would have been TOTALLY justified for SAME result ! .

  2. Here in Indiana, something similar happened a few years back. Wrong house raid, guy shot and killed one of the cops, wounded another. They tried to go after the guy, all charges were dropped, and Indiana adopted a Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Law.

  3. A movie centered on no knock raids exist, "Peace Officer". Several ogden city utah civil asset forfeiture blue line pigs "no knocked" Mathew Stewart in 2012. Mr Stewart is a Vet. He opened fire on the intruders. 6 cops were shot, 1 died. Mr stewart was found dead in his prison cell. My bus driver told me all sorts of drugs were laced into his prison meals. Upon investigation the cops shot each other and ended up killing one of there own. Utah pig pens are RANCID!

  4. Mr. Freeman I am a subscriber and I watch you a lot and I am very highly considering moving out of my state and into yours where would you say it’s a good place to live in Texas

  5. We need to form an EMERGENCY PRO-BONO COURT SYSTEM & PROSOCUTE EVERYBODY that works for the CORPERATIONS that think have Governmental powers to steal the products of our labors for violating U S C 18 ss 242 it's the rico act & in pro-bono Court there are no fines or imprisonment for stolen money SO A GILTIY VERDICT MEANS THE DEATH PENALTY !

  6. I’ve been saying it for years. Violence keeps people polite. And it’s time we keep our police polite. Force is no longer a one way street

  7. When someone is trying to break in your house , you must shoot at the face of the attacker when there is no bullet protection , you don't want to give them at chance at killing you . People are waking up , to these terrorists who think they can break in your house at will .

  8. The guy should move out of state and change his name. You just know every police officer is going to look at that man as “the one who got away” and will look to set him up, plant evidence , so they can get revenge

  9. The juuuuust might look into changing the policy of no knock warrants once one of there own are shot & killed. They won't change it by getting sued for millions for killing someone serving a no knock warrant. Only when they stand the chance of losing one of there very own, hero comlex, well respected, dirtbag, oath breaking, tyrants!!!!

  10. Is there ever a situation where a citizen is found have acted in self defense and the person they were defending themselves from here no charges?

  11. when the 'war on drugs' started in 1972 we had around 400 no-knock raid warrants signed off on by judges. The last year that I heard numbers for was 2019, when judges signed off on 80,000 no-knock warrants nation-wide. What has changed??? I think the public has a right to know. I know of a couple in Houston, Texas, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, were shot to death in a no-knock raid who weren't drug dealers and still police refuse to clear their names and restore their reputations even AFTER it was discovered that the undercover officer, Gerald Goines, who asked for the warrant lied to the judge to get it. We're living in dangerous times and the police and their almost unlimited power and aggression are just one reason why…Mr. Freeman thank you for standing up to these tyrannical maniacs and doing what you can to expose their insanity!!! 👊 P. O. L. I. C. E. ~ people of low intelligence criminalizing everyone…

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