21 thoughts on “Man Cusses At Miami Cops, Cops Draw Guns And Break His Leg

  1. sad part is if he didn't get his leg broken he probably would've got charged with some type of attempt of assault or murder on a police officer.

  2. These tyrants are coward bullies and they wonder why nobody like them or want to talk to them or have respect for them and we all supposed to feel sorry when something hapoen to them police are straight lisrs and cant be trusted

  3. That's fucking ridiculous. Unfortunately those cops won't get more than a slap on the wrist. But one day those cops will fuck with the wrong person

  4. and once again police making up story to justify der terorism….wat coward !!! saying the car almost hit the policeman common… u don even move were u at and police going up to the car draw a Gun…

  5. You confront cops for how they are but yet look there you are on their side trying to act like you are one, damn Hypocrite much? You just helped them hurt the guy how sad….

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