LAWFULLY RESISTING! SERGEANT ON WRONG street arrests this woman in 19 seconds.

Sheriffs post on his public figure page –

Full body camera above. Video not suitable for YouTube.

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46 thoughts on “LAWFULLY RESISTING! SERGEANT ON WRONG street arrests this woman in 19 seconds.

  1. Have you seen all the copsucking going on under that Facebook post? The sergeant fuked up but let’s blame the girl for his mistakes! Wrong street, wrong house, wrong person! Dove in the car with no cause, car was in park already! What a cluster fuK this is… they know they screwed the pooch so have to do everything they can to charge/convict this woman so they can avoid the civil lawsuit!

  2. 🤷🤦They are a disease. Just coming into contact with one can be a devastating life altering experience.

    Disrespectful criminal disgusting petty vicious mindless ignorant violent murderous lying stealing cowardly punk thug wannabe tyrant POS doing what they do🤦 Fire them! Any "good" cops will thank you. My list of descriptives continues to grow…


  3. I saw this video yesterday on one of the boot licking channels nobody mentioned it was the wrong house they were to busy praising the gestapo officer boot licking his ass while cutting down the hysterical woman

  4. We have a Supreme Court Justice that can't define what a woman is. I doubt she would be able to define what a person is. Therefore, no human rights were violated in this encounter.

  5. These dirty filthy Nazi jackboot🥾tyrannical tyrant piece of shit💩rat🐀bastard pigs🐷are ruining our communities with their harassment, abuse and violating peoples constitutional rights daily and it’s a sick disgusting disgrace and it needs to be put to a stop, these filthy dirty tyrant pigs🐷cannot go around and just abuse people like this it’s sick and disgusting and we don’t pay these public servants to go around abusing and violating peoples constitutional rights, these types of dirty filthy tyrant pigs🐷need to be held accountable and this is exactly why qualified immunity needs to be stopped and taken away because filthy tyrants get away with criminal corrupt crimes daily…!!!🐷🍩💩🚔🧻🚽🐀

  6. Dirty cop is unprofessional, aggressive and dishonest. Dirty chief covers for dirty cop. Dirty department top to bottom.

  7. Every cop has a reason for why they abuse people. Cops wonder why they are not appreciated anymore. When cops are not protecting and serving, they are over policing and victimizing. Blue cult of hate

  8. None of them are any good. They would arrest their own mother and file false charges to cover up their own mistakes and assaults.

  9. 2nd amendment self defense. Blow tyrant head in to hamburger. Period full stop ✋—– tired of tyrants with badges!! End the corruption of system that has never worked!imagine that utopia FTP

  10. They hire the must dumb people in the world and that is why they go and do stupid things like this sgt just did because they are incompetence and dumb so they cover their deficiencies with brutality and violence and that is why this cop acted yowards a innocent woman in that way they are no good at all must retrain all of them asap.

  11. AND nothing will change nothing will be done because you and the auditing community do not go nearly far enough to get change going , you film /record but that's it,
    this needs to get to the eyes that can make change but you don't do that , ever ,
    you all just ….do nothing.

  12. So sheriff. NONE of this should have happened, INCLUDING the resulting charges against this victim of your agency IF the deputy had NOT screwed up and HAD done his job professionally and been mindful of this woman’s civil rights he VIOLATED! This deputy needs NOT to be working in law enforcement and should be terminated immediately as he is obviously going to cost the tax payers more and more money from lawsuits and probably worse yet he is going to continue to violate rights and dangerous to all in that community! SHAME on you sheriff, shame!

  13. What a dickhead, no minimum IQ test again?? Hope that lady gets a nice payday and it should come out of his pension 💥😡

  14. American cops are the worst and most uneducated thugs in the world. Every day I get down on my knees and thank God I wasn’t born in the USA.

  15. Room temperature IQ LEOs showing what they do best . Violating our rights . If people don't think that we live in a constant police state in this country they need to wake up and smell the coffee . FTP

  16. Hodihum, wrong place, wrong time. Welp, I'm here, might as well arrest someone, not that car, nope, not that one, here we go, let's see if I can get away with felonies. Illegal search and seizure, assault and battery, unlawful arrest, unlawful incarceration, and let's do this all while in possession of a firearm. Yup that will make them all felonies. I don't mind because I have qualified immunity and even if someone does investigate it, they already found no wrong doing. Yup that's my plan for today. "What am I doing tomorrow? I have used all my brain power for this year AND next year. Don't ask me questions I can't answer."

  17. And I was always so we have the right to defend ourself but when we do they charge us anyway f*** Justice f*** the justice department f*** Eternal affairs and f*** the police and f*** all those boot lickers you have to deepthroat the whole boot

  18. The way people talked about this young lady last night so damn disrespectful everybody assume the cop was right didn't get no facts we are sad Society when we take one person account over something without all the facts sad sad world I hope he get was coming to him ain't no police got no business sticking his hand and nobody car for no cause

  19. It just gets worse and worse, cop can't find the right house and immediately approaches the lady in an aggressive and violent matter. Unbelievable!

  20. Florida's exception for cops:
    The person against whom the defensive force is used or threatened is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who enters or attempts to enter a dwelling, residence, or vehicle in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using or threatening to use force knew or reasonably should have known that the person entering or attempting to enter was a law enforcement officer.
    Conclusion: Unlawful acts are NOT their official duties, meaning you have the right TO SEND THEIR BRAIN ACROSS THE STREET WHEN THEY DO THIS SHIT.

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