41 thoughts on “Just Obey Police Part 2 At the Alamo

  1. I love it but i would tone it down a notch bc no one can be so dumb as to not see what ur doing, even the cops, stick with obey, say if u have nothing to hide u should give up ur id, let them search ur car, frisk you etc. Say " i know we have rights but we should waive them so the police can do thier job". When the cops ask why what ur filming ? Tell them u know ppl abuse and assault police all the time and while sometimes the police cameras malfunction ur just backup for the lolice officers safety

  2. Maybe you should BEG the police to allow you to lick their boots. AND, the statement on your sign needs to be clearer, COPS ARE OUR MASTERS, IF WE LICK THEIR BOOTS AND OBEY YOU WON'T GET HURT.

  3. Did that Wally Cox impersonator just say "Even though that makes sense, it's not logical."? Ummmm, why did our founders create a Bill of Rights? Why did they rebel against England in the first place? All the English wanted was for the people to lick the king's boots (or in his case, footwear). Just obey your master and everything will be alright.

  4. Just so people understand, this video is clearly James and his friends trying to be sarcistic about the obey stuff.
    But behold.
    The police actually took good care of the woman with the sleeping bag.
    They drove her to the best 5 star luxery hotell where she did stay for 13months with nice breakfast, dinner, lunch, massage other fun and healthy activitys. Rumors is she still is there at the 5 star luxery hotell. The cops, ofcourse, do pay for all of the breakfast and dinner and so on. No wonder why James and his friends wants to obey them. I mnight tatooe myself all blue so I can show my obedience to these gentlemen in blue.

    This comment was in no way sponsored or tampered with in any way or form. Seriously. Atleast this part. The the first part is obviously sarcasm.

  5. The homeless dude has a great worldview! He should break out his crayons and right a book!! I know that I would buy it……….lmao

  6. As entertaining, crafty, and original as this spoof is, sad part is the populace already DOES obey, all too well. They are too busy licking boots; a traditional past time, passed on from one generation to next. They have great difficulty giving up tradition, as Linus does his thumb and blanket.

  7. They called the cops because they thought you were preaching the Word of God. The cop had only one question” You with the church”. In the end it’s all about the attack on the Church Of Christ. GOD BlessYou!

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