Judge Tells Bailiff That Man Isn’t Breaking The Law, But Wants Him In Jail Anyways

Newton County Courthouse
315 E Graham St, Kentland, IN 47951

information on the judge for BAR complaints
Judge Daniel Molter

Newton County Jail
304 E Seymour St, Kentland, IN 47951
(219) 474-3999 https://g.co/kgs/EDFY4P

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45 thoughts on “Judge Tells Bailiff That Man Isn’t Breaking The Law, But Wants Him In Jail Anyways

  1. A Maricopa county judge told the bailiff to turn off the microphones to tell me he was blatantly discriminating

    against me and there was nothing I could do about it. From a legal standpoint Az. is the worst place to live in the US because of crooked law enforcement. If you need convincing watch the

    Direct D channel.

  2. I don't know about everybody out there but I think the sheriff guy she lose her job as well as the judge that judge is not above the law he's not even supposed to be in charge of the courtroom as far as cameras and recording everything else yes but outside the courtroom know he just stepped into a lawsuit and I hope he loses his job and lose his pension and everything that comes with it

  3. It was a kidnapping. Pull your conceal carry out and start wasting everyone around you. Just claim it triggered severe ptsd memories.

  4. This is like knocking you from the sidewalk to book you for jay walking.
    And we in Europe thought Russia was corrupt! The US wins by three lengths!

  5. This was a very clear case of 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law. One of the possible penalties is DEATH. This is how serious the people who wrote this law thought this crime was. If our society was not so screwed up, this is the exact penalty this judge would face. He clearly kidnapped "to seize and detain or carry away by unlawful force or fraud and often with a demand for ransom" which is a violation of your constitutional rights. There can be no greater evil than to kidnap a person and take away their freedom for doing nothing wrong "which the judge clearly states he is not doing anything wrong".

  6. Actions of the Judge And especially the Sheriff/deputies. Sherriff's believe that they are officers of the court, which is B.S. and the Judge believes that he owns the courtroom, which is also a bunch of B.S.

  7. Wow…did that guard grab his credit card up off of the table when he went through the scanner coming in to the building?! WTF was that all about?!

    As much as they whine about personal information and transactions…there’s no way in hell it’s lawful for them to seize possession of one’s credit card when they empty their pockets to go through security screening.

    This needs to be pointed out and discussed as much as him being illegally arrested moments later.

    Great breakdown, James…well done.

  8. They're all NPC's, programmed for one interaction. You see this all over the country.
    The perfect example is this interaction:

    Man: "I don't answer questions."
    NPC: Asks question
    Man: "I don't answer questions."
    NPC: Asks question
    Man: "I don't answer questions."
    NPC: Asks question

  9. Federal litigation incoming. This should break the judicial system into where it can be fixed (and neutered.)

    Video does not show "breach of the Peace" except by judge and his puppets. Once inside the courtroom, a female voice says "Superior Court" [pause] "Superior Court" supposedly enacting the court into/out of session. The security knew of a duty to intervene but chose to follow unlawful orders. Both judge and security may have Qualified Immunity/Judicial Immunity/but should loose it. Even to disbar this judge is not enough. He should loose benefits and license. Prior cases he has tried should all be reviewed.

  10. I hate the government, but the society we live in still needs it to function. I'm AGAINST anarchy, but what these government employees, like this judge, and cops are doing, is promoting anarchy. How can you expect citizens to follow the law when the government who created the laws don't even follow them? It is sending the message that, "if we can do it, why shouldn't I" to everyone that sees this. That's why this behavior is so dangerous. The answer isn't getting rid of government. It's getting rid of qualified immunity, and government unions designed to protect the people that are supposed to enforce the laws, from actually following the laws.

  11. WOW………. This needs to be heard in Federal Court. No excuse for this, and people need to go to prison for what happened here. Wish I could be on that jury.

  12. there is a board that over sees judges and lawyers if he is reported he could be removed for miss conduct or some such thing …. this judge over reached im sure

  13. I'm not speaking on or defending any of these workers in any way. That being said, this sovereign citizen stuff is cringe. You're being implicitly antagonistic walking into a federal place recording when no one knows who you are or why you're there. Doesn't matter if it's your right to not tell someone, but you instantly look like an asshole and everyone will automatically think you're there just to cause trouble, and then you act surprised that you're not being welcome with open arms. These aren't robots, they're people, and I would want to feel comfortable in my workplace too. This is the sovereign citizen pussy equivalent of going up to someone and saying, "Hit me! Hit me!" over again and pissing them off, and then acting like you're in the moral right when you get hit or shoved.

  14. Courthouse deputies serve at the pleasure of the Judge/King, don't give a damn about the Constitution or the law. They'll blindly follow orders from the Judge/King. More petty tyrants earning the hate."Sic Semper Tyrannous"

  15. America 🇺🇸 is so star spangled free government terrorist can commit felonies with no consequences whatsoever. It is amazing 🤩 that no one in that whole building is outraged. That is why America is no longer a free country.

  16. Anyone affiliated with the system is corrupt!
    From the lowly security thugs, to the clerks, all the way up to the highest seats of government.
    So, what do we do?

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