Judge Steven Prevett Thinks He’s A Legislator, Mindless Order Followers Obey Him

Judge Steven Prevett

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Howell County Circuit Court
222 Courthouse, West Plains, MO 65775
(417) 256-4050 https://g.co/kgs/EAkJpk

Midwest Accountability

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F.I.R.M Audits

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0:00 – Introduction
1:44 – Howell County Deputies try to gain voluntary compliance with unlawful orders
7:08 – Bad editing, this part was supposed to be cut. Waiting for deputies to return
9:40 – Judge “invites” camera men inside
12:40 Judge DEMANDS camera men come inside
13:35 – Judge demands camera men be arrested since they still wont go inside
15:52 – Deputy pretends he won’t use force against the remaining camera men
22:16 – Remaining Camera men are forced into courtroom under threat of violence
23:41 – Closing, Judge threatens jail, the dangers of obedience to “authority”

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49 thoughts on “Judge Steven Prevett Thinks He’s A Legislator, Mindless Order Followers Obey Him

  1. Please come and do this at the Lucas County courthouse in Toledo, Ohio. They put your phone in a maglock neoprene sleeve upon entering the building just because some judge issued a mandate that the public can't have access to their phone while they are there conducting their business, not even in the lobby or even in the clerk's office. Need your calendar? Can't have it. Need to look up a case number? Nope, can't do that either. You have to have someone from the clerk's office walk with you back to security just to get access to your own property. I'm sure they think it's a clever loophole… until it's not.

  2. terrifying and unconscionable…I know Jeff Gray and EOG got a similar order reversed in Florida but had to file a lawsuit to do it…sounds like that's where this is headed as well, props to the auditors but clearly the deck is stacked against our rights because who has $15k just lying around to defend themselves against an unlawful order given by a rogue judge on a power trip who is accountable to no one…

  3. Tell the Judge to come off his box and talk to we The People..
    Unless Case Law has Been Broken, the Judge is out side of his Juris – Diction..
    Tell the Judge to take a big sweet Suck on old Salty …

  4. Ppl who have survived SRA say judges are brought in to torture them so they are very aware the courts won’t help them if they talk. It’s time Jesus came back and stomped these satanic losers

  5. That judge and all of those officers need to be immediately fired, stripped of their in qualified immunity and thrown in jail for what they just did and allowed to happen. Our country is beyond fucked at this point & we might as well just do away with the whole system because it’s absolutely worthless when it’s not followed & enforced

  6. Couple of points 1. As mentioned in the video there are cameras on the building, so its not that no one can film, just not you. 2. If the police think that a judge's order outside the courtroom/courthouse is over the laws, then the judge could order that around the courthouse, you go on red and stop on green and the cops would enforce it. I don't understand why law enforcement believe that court orders and policy is higher than the constitution.

  7. These Judges need to be stopped With these unlawful orders they can not do lawfully. I understand the courtroom But the courthouse belongs to the people of the town city or state. I think judges who do these unlawful orders a citizen should be able to make a citizen arrest right there on the spot. The forefathers would have these judges either bull whipped, Put their head on a plank out in from of the courthouse for public SHAME, or Pit them in prison for Treason. Or they might have put him to death by his peers. They need to be stopped. They can record but the public can not

  8. If I have done nothing wrong nothing illegal committed no crime the judge has absolutely no authority over me again he is not a god… And is meant to work for the people not rule over them…

  9. Tell the King to come down off his throne and enforce his fraudulent orders himself. First he needs to register with FARA as a Foreign Agent of a Foreign Corporation and stop impersonating a Lawful Judge. P.S. FARA has been disbanded by POTUS DJT. – Unless the Courthouse is a Private Company on Foreign Soil, the Judge has no such Authority inside the Courthouse. Everything the King Judge is doing is Fraudulent, but you're dumb enough to go see him.

  10. Soooooo…….?
    ALL the reporters who have tried to ask questions and video record defendants, plaintiffs, D.A.s, lawyers etc after they have lost or won court cases are now criminals?????
    Um….? Hum….? 😞🤔

  11. Sounds like a clerk not a judge. The BAR a foreign agency has no authority over the law. They have authority in the legal system that violates the laws. It is a system of royalty not the constitution.

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