1. I read the story about this and how insane it is. It is extra funny that if the police department in question actually just, you know, followed the law none of this would have ever happened. The auditors and everyone else etc.. would have ever done anything more, they would have been praised for doing what they are supposed to do and then been left alone.

  2. I'm never surprised when James Freeman ends up arrested. He's.. Aggressive, abrasive and confrontational to say the least when he is on an audit or cop watch. To say he has made many haters would be putting that lightly. To hear retaliation arrests happen to some like James isn't shocking. He has great intentions in what he does but for his own safety and well being as well as others doing this sort of thing, I think education starts with a conversation, causing friction and the throwing words back and forth makes for a closed mind.

  3. LEON VALLEY TEXAS police is having its 4th car wash to support officers Therapy cost… must have a ID if you want your car search and wash.. need you car wax?
    a DNA test will be needed. Please do not bring any more copy's of the United States Constitution. Remember in Leon Valley Texas, Policy TRUMPS Amendments.

  4. I hope they lock all you ass clowns up. Maybe you guys will put down your camcorders and phones and go actually live your lives instead of harassing people at post offices and police stations.


    I'm not very good at this, out, being in public. But I felt the need to speak up for this world that I love with all my heart.

    No one should have to live in fear. In fear of madmen who have no regard for who they injure. In fear of the tyrants in this world, who has inflicted untold pain and suffering.

    These corrupt terrorist and psychopaths of there kind, we must show them we will not bow down to their campaign of coercion and intimidation.

    We must stand up to them. As these auditors, my dearest friend, a pillar in the world community, stood up when they was recently assaulted.

    But this assault was for no other reason than to send me a message. A message warning me to stop. To give up my dream that I have for this world. A dream of a better place. A place for its citizens to feel safe.

    To feel pride. I tried to do this quietly, not wanting to draw attention. The last thing I wanted was for anyone close to me to become a target from those who do not share my dream.

    For those who will have this world stay exactly as it is, mired in poverty and crime. But I know now it was foolish to make that decision. That I can no longer do it alone. That I cannot keep living in the shadows afraid of the light.

    None of us can. None of us should be forced to. We must do this together. We must resist those who would have us live in fear. My name is GOOD CITIZEN NEWZ. And together, we can make this WORLD a better place.

  6. Yes I saw James Freeman's video. What a bunch of goofballs! Now they have to go to jail. Complete Idiots!

  7. Hill Billy Huckleberry
    3 hours ago
    I just spoke to Judge Lawrence Morales at 210-819-5341 and he is a part time judge that works out of the Leon Valley court house. He wrote the court decorum document that is being used to justify the no video in that building. He says he thought the document gave ample guidance stating that no filming is to be allowed in areas where court business is being conducted. I asked him if he was aware of the fiasco playing out at the court house and he said he only works there part time and wasn't aware. I told him that last week the staff assaulted a man out in front of the building siting that guidance and tazed him twice and today they arrested 4 Journalists in the vestibule. It seems that he feels that his guidance in the document for court decorum is adequate and that if the staff is over applying it to areas where court related businesses are not being conducted that it would be a matter for a higher court. He actually seemed like a decent guy and is not aware of what they are doing but if I know and I am more than 1500 miles across the country he may not want to know. He has a son with the same name at the listed number so if you call ask for Judge Lawrence Morales or Lawrence Morales Senior.
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    3 hours ago
    Someone on reddit posted the order:


    But the important part is the date of the order. The judge just signed it, five days ago. When Tuc. Police Suck was arrested, there was no order.
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  8. Everyone should donate a 'Black & Blue' flag to those attending Leon Valley Protest '18.

    Then burn those bitches right in front of the PD!

  9. Everyone shoulds pack open carry and march on the station house.Civil war is coming and lot of cops will not be around when this happens they are all thug nazi scum

  10. They are just giving me the run around on the 📞!!!!!!! They need you guys to sue them ….I was trying to pay over the phone to get me freeman out …. they obviously will not give me correct numbers… then when I call back they hang up on me ???? I think that is a crime itself

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