Irwindale Police RETALIATE AND INTIMIDATE People on the Roadway

unhealthy eat habits among cops is a serious issue, the amount of junk food they consume is obvious. They should also care about their love life, and stop hogging all of the dick donuts.

Check this out: “(92) Unhealthy Diet Unfit for Duty ” –~–
This incident showed Irwindale Police’s true colors. That is Acting under the color of Law Title 18 241 and 242.
The fact that they think breaking into a parked vehicle is the biggest crime, think again… Your department has a long history of corruptions including, sexually assaulting teenage girls, misplacing narcotics confiscated on the streets, perjury, and giving false and misleading statements on sworn avidavits.

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49 thoughts on “Irwindale Police RETALIATE AND INTIMIDATE People on the Roadway

  1. "I'm sure its hard for you to sit back in your studio, looking at these Pigs out here, hollering your name!—When last year you spent more money, on spilled liquor, in bars from one side of LA to the other, than they made!

  2. How can a police officer be so overweight, and still perform his duties…that cop…needs to be put on probation and a DIET…either get in shape or find another profession..that does not require any physical demands!!

  3. Wow, blatant actions from dirty pigs, can not help themselves to screw people who dare to insult them for their lawles actions against the civilian population just for their big egos to show off that they had the power to screw anybody at any time.

  4. Hi Ricky my friend I'm really sorry for you for being messed around by those tyrants thugs in my opinion this shouldn't have happened in my opinion you were profiled kind of those tyrants need to concentrate on their jobs that need to be done and not picking on you for no reason i wish you the best and hope you can sort it out ASAP many thanks again Tony

  5. Ricky munday do you have kid's i just feel like these people who watch you're video Don't care about you i watch you time to time and i hate when i see such a man sent by God being pick on

  6. This type of cop should be behind bars he is a fecking power hungry lunatic who cannot control himself !!! The cop should be sacked and prosecuted for his completely illegal actions !!! The cops are afraid of nothing and the law doesn’t matter to them they are very seldom held accountable for their illegal activities !!! These cops are unbelievably aggressive and incompetent and willing to retaliate and feck anybody they want just for pure evil !!! These cops are pure evil !!! These are dirty corrupt cops who have been caught in the act !!!

  7. These ASSHOLES in Police Costumes are Worse than any Criminals I have ever seen! SCUMBAGS Everyone!! The Police are the LARGEST CRIMINAL GANG in the Country!!

  8. Ricky the vaccine passport is coming to America man. And those who do not have it will not be allowed to go into some if not all businesses to buy things like a bar to have a cold beer, or a watch a foot ball game. A baseball game. Please tell your subs bro check it out for your self don't take my word for it.

  9. Hey excellent video giving a timeline of what happened. You have to be blind to see that wasn’t retaliation from that punk in a costume. And because he got in his feelings u stuck paying mad bread to get your shit that should’ve never been taken in the 1st place. This is why they earn the hate and this is why I stay screaming FTP

  10. Every cop in this deal, reminds me of what? Low intelligence, criminal behavior, unworthy, scandalous, petty, embarrassing, untrained,and now exposed!!!! And taxpayers money, entitles these pukes to be clown's!!!!!! Just saying!!! Mad respect my brother!!!! Stay safe out there!!!!

  11. I’m am so sick and tired of bundles of Sticks telling people to sit on the ground when encountering the public! Who the F do these “people” think they are? Yelling at you to sit down like some punk a$$ oppressive dog trainer…

  12. at 13:06 – your "scooter" does not meet the CA VC definition of a scooter. 50cc does not matter and the law you posted says nothing of 50cc. you posted the law and it says clearly that motor-driven cycles are not considered scooters. and it says that CA VC 400 (a) A “motorcycle” is a motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider, designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground.

  13. Cops are morons 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Btw I love this shit that their pu$$y asses can’t take the truth
    Bunch of crooked thugs that have nothing better to do.
    They hire uneducated fu**s to collect and be “bullies”

  14. Damn dog, they straight up stuck it in dry with no lube. Fat cop looked like ol guy from "deliverence". He said: "squeal like a piggy, boy".

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